The return of Motorola’s legendary RazR in the form of a foldable smartphone

Motorala Razr
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Written by Aubert Huard

We all remember Motorola’s famous clamshell phone: the RazR. He had made the brand one of the leaders in the field of mobile phones before smartphones became the norm. Today, the Motorola-Lenovo group is relying on a revival of this iconic phone to enter the folding smartphone market. To do this, he managed the feat of keeping the secret around his project. Of course, there were some leaks. But the supposed technical characteristics of this future model are still only rumours. Well, maybe not for long. Indeed, Motorola-Lenovo has sent invitations to some journalists for an event to be held on 13 November 2019 in Los Angeles. However, the gif that accompanies the invitation leaves no doubt that the RazR will be at the centre of this event. Add to that the promise of the “revealing of a reinvented icon“, and that’s all it takes to arouse the enthusiasm of RazR’s nostalgic fans.

To finish convincing you, here is the gif that accompanies the invitation. Still doubting that Motorola will finally unveil the new RazR? We don’t, no.

The special feature of the Motorola RazR compared to other folding smartphones

Samsung and Huawei opted for horizontal folding. However, the bending direction differs:

  • folding inwards for Samsung : the screen is hidden when folded and leaves room for a small external screen ;
  • folding outwards for Huawei : the screen remains visible when folded.

Motorola has opted for a vertical folding direction by reproducing the flap closure of the legendary RazR. So we end up with a smartphone with a flap that closes with a foldable screen. The presentation gif shows the hinge which will rest the mechanism.

By making this choice, Motorola is capitalizing on the nostalgia that former clamshell phone enthusiasts can have. But it also differs from the current trend of larger and larger screens. Motorola has chosen a small footprint with a phone that can fit in the pocket of a pair of pants.

Under the hood of the RazR

Today, we think we know the design of the Motorola RazR because commercial visuals leaked last spring.

© NFC-Phones

© NFC-Phones

It is the technical characteristics of the RazR that are the subject of many rumours and speculations. According to Cnet magazine, it seems that we should expect:

  • a 6.2 inch tile when the screen is unfolded ;
  • a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor ;
  • 4 or 6 GB RAM ;
  • 64 or 128 GB storage capacity ;
  • a battery of 2730 mAh.

Technical characteristics below those offered by the Galaxy Fold or Mate X. But they allow Motorola to offer a much lower price than its competitors. While Samsung and Huawei’s folding smartphones exceed $2,000, Motorola would consider marketing the RazR at “only” $1,500.

More info on November 13th!

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