The purchase of a Chinese smartphone is more and more tempting given the quality of these devices and their extremely competitive prices. Indeed, Chinese smartphone brands are multiplying and offer a wide range of diversified devices with excellent performance, but at very attractive prices.

However, if the offer is attractive, smartphones are relatively fragile devices for which it is necessary to worry about the warranty and its implementation conditions before taking the step of buying.

Where to buy the smartphone

If there is one thing to worry about before buying your smartphone, it is of course who you want to buy it from. Indeed, most of the time, the implementation of the smartphone warranty will depend above all on the seller. It is therefore essential to make the right choice as to which service provider you will use. In this context, there are several options:

First of all, it is possible to buy your Chinese smartphone in major retailers such as Amazon or Gearbest: the latter offer the advantage of being often efficient in terms of after-sales service. But they are often more expensive than other solutions even if they offer the possibility of paying in several instalments.
Manufacturers’ sites are also interesting options. But without a local reseller the implementation of the guarantee may be more difficult to obtain and the delays extended.
Finally, specialized sites are also interesting solutions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make sure that these sites are serious and carefully study the warranty conditions they offer before acquiring the smartphone.

These conditions should be carefully studied, regardless of where you buy a Chinese smartphone, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a problem.

The procedure to follow

The very first step before you can make your smartphone’s warranty work is, as stated above, to study the conditions before buying and choose your seller carefully. If your Chinese smartphone is defective and you bought it online, you should first check the warranty period. This is generally one year from the date of purchase, but can be extended to two years, which can therefore be a pleasant surprise.

In addition, the warranty conditions should be carefully read to verify warranty exclusion clauses such as shocks, previous repairs or traces of moisture or mildew.

If the smartphone does not present any of the reasons for exclusion of the warranty then it is likely that you will first have to send yourself by email or by means of a contact form to the seller or reseller. He will inform you by return email how to benefit from the guarantee.

It is good to know that, most of the time, the sending of the smartphone to the after-sales service is the responsibility of the buyer while the repairs and the return of the smartphone will be the responsibility of the seller.