Chinese mobile phone comparison
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Buying a mobile phone is not something you do every day. When you choose a smartphone, you hope to be able to keep it for a long time. We are also looking for specific features. Some people will mainly use it to go on social networks, others use it as a real work tool. Depending on how the mobile phone is used, the search criteria differ. That’s why we didn’t compare all Chinese smartphones. We preferred to make several comparisons that take into account the specific requests of users. We will regularly complete our site with new purchasing guides and opinions on the models sold.

Why should you consult comparisons before buying your smartphone?

There are many models of Chinese smartphones. The manufacturers will present them all on their best day. Thanks to our comparisons, you have an objective opinion on the performance and quality of these mobile phones.

We also advise you on the elements to which you should pay more attention when making your purchase.

In addition, we have selected certain criteria to publish more targeted comparisons in order to help you choose the best Chinese smartphone for your needs. So if you are looking for a premium phone, your expectations will not be the same as if you want to spend a smaller budget on your purchase. Our different comparisons of telephone sets take these different points into account.

Discover the updated list of our comparisons to buy a Chinese smartphone

Comparison table of the best cheap Chinese smartphones

You do not want to invest too much money in the purchase of your phone? Find our opinion on entry-level Chinese smartphones that will satisfy you without ruining you.


Comparison table of the best high-end Chinese smartphones

If your smartphone is going to be used in a professional environment, you will need a premium model. The budget is not the main criterion for choosing. Our comparison on high-end Chinese smartphones will answer all your questions.


Comparison table of the best Chinese 4G smartphones

When you use your phone a lot when roaming, mobile data performance is important. Not all devices offer the same quality in 4G. Thanks to our comparison, you will be able to choose your new 4G mobile phone from China.