How to choose a Chinese smartphone?

Smartphones have become essential accessories in everyday life, constantly evolving. However, in this race for technology to obtain ever more efficient devices, prices often tend to soar. Fortunately, there is an alternative to buy a new quality smartphone at a very reasonable price: Chinese smartphones. Still not well known on the European market, they offer an excellent price-quality ratio that deserves to be studied more closely.

Criteria to consider when buying a Chinese smartphone

To buy your new Chinese smartphone without making a mistake, you need to be interested in several criteria.

The operating system

First of all, it is important to address the issue of the operating system. Most Chinese smartphones run on Android.

To be sure to choose a functional device, choose a recent version of the operating system that will generally offer more features and be more often compatible with your other devices.

The brand and the guarantee

The brand is also an essential point. There are many and some of them are real guarantees of quality like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and many others.

The guarantee offered by the manufacturer must also not be neglected.

The price

Price is of course an essential factor to consider when purchasing a new smartphone. These are very variable according to the brands, but also according to the models and components of the latter such as memory, screen, size, definition, etc.

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Storage capacity and sound quality

Storage capacity is also a very important criterion to take into account, especially nowadays, with the exponential development of applications that are taking up more and more space in the phones’ memories.

It is also to be taken into account if you take a lot of pictures with your smartphone or if you store your music on it to have it permanently without having to go on the net.

In this context, it is also essential to consider the quality of the sound, but also the quality of the integrated camera and the image.


Finally, the last essential point to be carefully studied is autonomy. Indeed, with a very developed use of the smartphone, it is important to find out about the battery life, we consider it interesting when it reaches the day or even two or three days.

Current bestsellers of Chinese smartphones

To make the best choice, it is therefore essential to look at the various criteria mentioned above, but it can also be very interesting to look at the bestseller rankings. Indeed, the latter indicate which smartphones are the most sought-after and popular and therefore show which products are most appreciated by consumers.