What is NFC, what can we do with NFC Phones ?

Phone reading smart poster tag

With NFC Phones we can:

Make small contactless payments with a wave,
pay the bus, subway or a hamburger in the canteen .
The time being,  we talk about small amounts of money!
It depends on the terms,  if you get prompted for your PIN-code.
-Transfer data to another device,  share photos, music, video
without manual configuration. Just keep your NFC phone very
close to other NFC phones.
-Read data from (wherever) embedded tags. Info on
packagingsmall contactless payments with nfc phones  becomes photo or video on NFC Phones, take an
URL from a billboard, pick up the timetable in a wave.
-Make the initial “handshake” between Bluetooth nodes,
eliminating the need for user intervention and enables almost
instantaneous pairing of devices. Whereas a normal pairing
operation between Bluetooth devices usually takes five or six
seconds, NFC does the job in 200 milliseconds.

What is NFC Near Field Communication Technology

Near Field Communication, is a very short range, low power, high frequency, slow, wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields. This allows 2 NFC enabled devices such as NFC SmartPhones, PDA’s, Cards, Keys en readers/writers to communicate by touch or in a very short range (up to 5 cm/2 inch in practice).

NFC Phones have three communication modes

– Between 2 NFC phones peer to peer transfer is possible, downloading, synchronizing and exchanging data. Keep your NFC Phones against each other and share a photo or music.

– Another mode is reader/writer. Think of entrance, transport,
access control and simple data capture. Reading data from
Smart Poster tag. Smart Poster is the name given by the NFC
Forum to small tags that store data and can be embedded in
almost everything. At the moment NFC tags are 15 cents to
30 cents each. NFCworld com; “NFC tags could cost just a few
cents in the near future, according to Allan Goodman of Additive
Process Technologies (APT), who told NFC World the company
has developed a new production method that could represent
the tipping point for mass production and distribution.”what is NFC ? much more than small contactless payment !

– NFC Card Emulation mode allows the NFC Phones behave
as traditional contactless Smartcards. This mode is secure.
This enables contactless payments and ticketing by NFC
Phones without changing the existing infrastructure.
An electronic wallet can ask to enter a password or just accept
the transaction.

NFC phones breaking through in 2011 !

More than 150 trials / pilots / tests are in progress in several countrys. let’s hope that all partiescontactless payment phone public transport
come to a universal standard
that works for everyone and everywhere. We are talking about, Mobile
Phone Carriers, Banks, Credit Card Companies, Cell Phone manufacturers , Google, Paypal (Ebay),
this list is not complete, but we see a lot of big guys fighting for the largest possible part.
I dont have a crystal ball but in a few years many/most mobile Phones will be NFC Phones.
Available NFC Phones quickly conquer a larger and larger market share.

A forecast for 2011 predicted more than 50 million unique devices that are
NFC capable worldwide.

Previous years about 1 million devices were sold, so even with 30 million on new year’s eve, there’s really a breakthrough. And yes, one after another, mobile Phone manufacturers are launching and announcing NFC Phones. For those who prefer to continue working with real money, picking up information from  tags, also makes our lives easier!

With this technology, all you do is lightly touch the NFC phone with the product you’re trying to pair with, and it pairs automatically. No manual configuration to identify devices. It eliminates steps, and makes the process a lot easier.
The whole point of NFC Cell Phones  is ease, simplicity and no wires.
A lot of possibilities will be reality soon, some ideas will remain dreams.
Many people hope that one day,  you can pay/getting paid for a service or product, with only a NFC Phone, and when and where doesn’t matter.
Think worldwide, in many places banking is not common, but a mobile Phone is available. Small merchants, wherever, will be very happy to sell to clients without cash. And if thats possible without paying fees and commissions to bank and credit card company……. that means big benefit for them!
nfc smart poster tag

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Joao Rostli


  1. jon

    Is there a unique identifier associated with each NFC devise? That is, is there an NFC tag in each phone?



    1. Joao Rostli

      No, but NFC tag can be emulated on a phone.
      For device identification you can get the IMEI number.

  2. krishna

    NFC has revolutionized the world. i hope i get a NFC enabled handset soon 🙂

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