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The store in the highstreet wants to sell you a deal that’s best for them!
mobilephonesdirect immediately shows the best deals for you
(otherwise you click away immediately).

–> Link to how do I get started with Quick Tap on Orange website.

What is Quick Tap Treats? (= not the contactless payment service)
Orange gives you great treats every day at any eat store, nationwide (except for franchise at Selfridges, Topshop and at airports)
How do I try it out?
If you have a Phone with NFC chip, then go into any EAT store and tap on the orange Quick Tap Treat s poster in store. You will be given 3 treats to choose from and you can take the one you fancy the most. Our treats regularly change so keep visiting!
With which phones?
There are loads of phones that are Quick Tap, such as Samsung Tocco Lite, Samsung Wave 578, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Ace 2, Samsung Advance, Blackberry 9900, Blackberry 9360, Black berry 9790, Blackberry 9380, Acer LiquidExpress, Nokia 700, HTC Edge, HTC Fit. (info and list from Orange.co.uk website)
Watch out; Several Phones from this list above; Samsung Ace 2, Samsung Advance, Samsung Galaxy S 2, HTC EDGE and HTC FIT, have an optional or no NFC chip! In the Orange website-shop, this 5 don’t have NFC. (june 2012) Check 2x.
On Orange website an option to select Phones with nfc, Unfortunately, you will not see all nfc enabled phones!
Some Phones you don’t find at carrier website, only from independent retailers.

Carrier O2 Orange Three T-Mobile Vodafone unlocked
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Acer E320 Liquid Express x x
See the best BlackBerry deals
BlackBerry Q10 x x x x x
 BlackBerry Z10 x x x x x
BlackBerry 9900/9930 x x x x x
BlackBerry 9360 x x x x x
BlackBerry 9790 x x x x x
BlackBerry 9380 x x x x x
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HTC First does not come
HTC One SV x  x  x
 HTC ONE x  x  x x  x
Windows Phone 8X by HTC  x x  x x x
HTC Desire C  x x  x
HTC ONE XL x x x x x
 HTC ONE X+ x  x x x x
 HTC ONE X  x  x  x x x
Huawei Ascend P2 x
Gal. Note 3 x x x x x
 Gal. Mega 6.3 soon
Gal. S4 Active x x x x x
Gal. S4 x x x x x
Gal. Fame x x  x x
Gal.S2+ soon
 Ativ S  x x x x x
Galaxy note 2  x x x x  x
Galaxy mini 2  x  x
 Galaxy S3 mini  nfc? x  x
Galaxy S3  x Quick Tap x x  x
Galaxy Nexus x x x x x
Galaxy Note
No word
about NFC
x x x x x
Galaxy S2
no word
about nfc
x nfc x x x
Google Nexus S x x x x x
Samsung Tocco lite
+quick tap
S5260 Star2 NFC
mostly no nfc
Samsung Wave 578
+quick tap
O2 Orange Three T-Mobile Vodafone
 LG G2 soon soon
LG Optimus G pro
 Nexus 4 x x x x x
LG Optimus 4x HD x x x x x
LG Prada 3 x x x x x
LG Optimus NET NFC x
 LG Optimus L5
LG Optimus L7  x x x x x
Nokia at mobilephonesdirect
Motorola Razr maxx HD x x x x x
Motorola Razr HD x x x x x
Motorola Razr M x x x x x
 Motorola Razr i  x x x x x
Nokia Lumia 1020 x x  x
Nokia Lumia 925 x ? x ? x
Nokia Lumia 620 x x x x x
Nokia Lumia 720 x
 Nokia Lumia 820  x x x x x
 Nokia Lumia 920 x x x x x
Nokia 808 Pureview  x  x x  x  x
Nokia 700 x x x x x
Nokia 701
Nokia N9
Nokia C7 x x x x x
Orange “San Diego”  x
Panasonic Eluga
Sony Xperia L soon
 Sony Xperia SP x x x x x
 Sony Xperia ZL soon
Sony Xperia Z x  x  x  x  x
Sony Xperia T  x x x x x
 Sony Xperia Acro S x x x x x
 Sony Xperia Sola  x  x  x  x  x
Sony Xperia P x x x x x
 Sony Xperia S  x  x  x x  x
O2 Orange Three T-Mobile Vodafone

NFC news in the UK

Cash on Tap, EE in partnership with MasterCard

Juli ’13; Second contactless payment service launched in the UK. Compatible SIMs with secure element have been issued to new EE customers since May 2013.

“EE is giving £10 credit to all eligible customers who use the service. They will receive £5 when they first activate the Cash on Tap app and then another £5 when they add any money from any UK credit or debit card for the first time. The service will be available on the following 4GEE handsets purchased from direct EE retail channels: Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia SP and Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, with more devices to be added in the coming months.”
A downloadable app is needed on the compatible phones.
The contactless payment service is accepted at over 230.000 outlets nationwide.

Quick Tap from Orange, the first contactless payment service, will continue to exist? Since september, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the only phone featured with the Quick Tap app. I think, the Quick Tap service will not be continued.

London buses accept NFC contactless card payments

From dec. ’12, contactless payment cards are valid on buses and can only be used to pay for single journeys. Only on buses, and only cards that have been issued in the UK.

Every time you tap your contactless payment card, you pay for a single journey, £1.35, no transfer or other discounts.
No need to enter a PIN number.
Future; The use of contactless payment cards on: Tube, Docklands Light Rail (DLR), Trams and London Overground, scheduled for the end of 2013.
Securety; You are protected by your card issuer against fraudulent use. The same protection as when using your debit/credit card at any other place.

And .. your phone with nfc chip? In theory you should also be able to pay with Quick tap or the Barclaycard PayTag NFC sticker on your phone.
“Some contactless payment stickers and tags and phones will also be accepted for payment for bus journeys. If in doubt, check with your issuer.” source; PDF with detailed info
But on another website I read, this is only possible at the end of 2013. Why not try it and give us feedback?
source; tfl.gov.uk

First Quick Tap Android Smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Quick Tap mobile wallet is still alive and kicking. The Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII will be the first Android device to feature Quick Tap contactless payment technology. For more than a year, the Samsung tocco was the first and only quick tap enabled phone.
Now customers buying the Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII from 5th September will be able to load money onto their handset using any UK MasterCard, Visa, Debit or Credit Card.
New and upgrading Orange Samsung Galaxy SIII customers who activate the service between 5th September and 5th October receive £50 to spend free!
Last week, the Samsung Tocco wasn’t available on the Orange website and I think the outdated Samsung Tocco is no longer for sale anymore. I was wondering whether the Quick Tap mobile wallet was still alive. Last weak, Mastercard and Everything-Everywhere announced a mobile wallet deal. They didn’t say if the whole service will continue under the Quick Tap flag.
quick tap handsets with nfc chip for contactless payments in the uk

Shops accepting contactless payments

Marks & Spencer now accept contactless payment in twenty-five of their stores across London.
Other shops across the UK accepting contactless payments include Tesco, Waitrose, Boots and McDonalds.

Quick Tap, contactless NFC payment service, for credit and debit card customers of all UK banks

April 2012, Orange and Barclaycard announced; UK’s contactless mobile payment service, Quick Tap, will shortly be available on select handsets which use the Android operating system, as well as to credit and debit customers of all UK banks. This will allow more consumers to benefit from easy, quick and convenient payments.

Orange will be announcing the first Quick Tap compatible payment handset that uses the popular Android operating system in the forthcoming weeks, with a series of further devices from a variety of manufacturers planned for launch throughout the year.

In addition, Barclaycard is introducing a new functionality, which will allow credit or debit card holders from any UK bank to connect to the Quick Tap service. This will be the first time that Quick Tap will be available to those without accounts with Barclaycard, Barclays or the Orange credit card. Customers can transfer up to a limit of £150 simply and securely directly from their account onto the Quick Tap app.

Once loaded with money, the mobile is then ready to make single payments of up to £15 (rising to £20 in June), by simply tapping their phone on a contactless terminal. The user friendly Barclaycard payment app, which sits on the home screen of all Quick Tap compatible handsets, contains information such as electronic statements detailing Quick Tap purchases so customers can keep an eye on their spending and manage finances easily on the go.

David Chan, CEO of Barclaycard Consumer Europe, said: “Now available to all UK customers, and soon to be to be available on a range of the most advanced mobiles in the market, Quick Tap will help consumers monitor what they’re spending, make simple payments and, as a result of the 100% fraud guarantee on all contactless products, ensure that if you lose your phone, you won’t lose your money.”
Contactless transactions using Quick Tap also benefit from the same 100% fraud guarantee as standard card transactions.
Source; www.newsroom.barclays.com


April 2012, Barclaycard announced the launch of Barclaycard PayTag NFC sticker, “a new way to pay with your mobile telephone.” (but you don’t need a phone)

What is a PayTag?
“Available at no cost, and exclusively to Barclaycard Visa cardholders, Barclaycard PayTag is an extension of a customer’s credit card account,” The Paytag stickers offer the same functionality as credit cards with NFC chip and no other NFC functions like Tag reading/writing or P2P transfer.

It’s a sticker (Around a third of the size of a credit card) you can attach to the back of your mobile phone (or whatever) , you can make contactless payments without entering a PIN. (you pay with the sticker, your mobile phone will not become an nfc Phone)

With a PayTag you can make contactless payments up to £15 (increasing to £20 from 1st June 2012) wherever you see the contactless symbol. If you lose your PayTag or it gets stolen, you’ll be protected against fraudulent activity, in just the same way as with your contactless Barclaycard.

PayTag can be used on over 100,000 contactless readers across the UK, By the end of 2012 it is predicted that there will be over 150,000 readers.
By the end of 2012, London buses will also accept contactless payments, followed by the Tube and the rest of the transport network in the Capital in 2013.

Barclay is launching PayTag initially on select VISA card customers, later this year available for millions of Barclaycard customers.
Source; www.barclaycard.co.uk

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