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Fujitsu F-04D

Fujitsu F-04D NFC

Fujitsu F-04D NFC Phone     Availability; Fujitsu announced that its new docomo STYLE series F-04D mobile phone will be available “soon” in Japan from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. beginning November  2011 ?     Specifications;   At the moment no firsthand info or specifications available in english. The docomo STYLE series F-04D is a slim …

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Fujitsu F-02D

Fujitsu F-02D NFC

Fujitsu F-02D Fully-equipped high-spec slim and water-resistant mobile phone. Fujitsu announced that its new docomo STYLE series F-02D mobile phone will be available in Japan from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. beginning November 11, 2011. F-02D is equipped with a 1.2 GHz CPU—among the fastest of its class—and a quick-response touchscreen, thereby enabling speedy operations. At the …

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BlackBerry Curve 9380 / Orlando NFC

BlackBerry Curve 9380 NFC

BlackBerry Curve 9380 No exact date and no country names in RIM’s press release. Expect it end of November / December 2011. Now, december, in many countries available. What I found in reviews; – slim, light and powerful – solid build – NFC – functional and future-proof – no front camera – no physical QWERTY …

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ICEmobile Shine

ICEMobile Shine + NFC I have never heard this brandname before. But, we want a complete, and the most up to date list. Here he is, the ICEmobile Shine + optional NFC chip.   Hard to find. Available in India ? Available colors: Black, White, Red Specifications; Data UL/DL rate WCDMA:UL384Kbps/ DL384Kbps HSDPA:UL384Kbps/DL7.2Mbps GPRS:53.6Kbps EDGE:236.8Kbps …

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Nokia 603 nfc Symbian phone

Nokia 603 The colourful Nokia 603 NFC is Nokias Latest Symbian Belle NFC Phone. With new Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset in the package, Nokia brings NFC to mass market. Nokia announced the Nokia 603, a no compromise smartphone preloaded with the latest apps and featuring single-tap pairing, sharing and tag reading with NFC. The Nokia …

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Sky Vega No 5 IM-T100K

Sky Vega No 5 IM-T100K Manufacturer Pantech Only available in S.Korea. (please tell me, if you come across elsewhere 😉 ) 최고의 한국 친구, 언어 때문에 여기에 약간의 정보, 죄송합니다 Unfortunately, limited information due to lack of English-language information. I’m sorry for the many Korean visitors Rest of page is translated with Google translator from …

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Sky Vega LTE / LTE M / LTE EX

Sky Vega LTE / LTE M / LTE EX Manufacturer Pantech The SKY VEGA LTE is really a high-end Phone. LTE; Live is The Evolution. Only available in S.Korea. Four versions for the 3 Korean carriers. All with NFC chip. 최고의 한국 친구, 언어 때문에 여기에 약간의 정보, 죄송합니다 Unfortunately, limited information due to lack …

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus NFC, availability and other info

Samsung Galaxy Nexus NFC The successor of the Nexus S. The Near Field Communication solution (NXP PN65N chip) used in the Nexus S will now be used on the Galaxy Nexus. That means an embedded secure element and SWP. So this handset is very suitable for Google Wallet. Compared to a few other phones, the …

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HTC Amaze 4G (Ruby)

HTC Amaze 4G About the HTC Amaze 4G we didn’t encounter much news so far. But here he is. The HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II will be the first T-Mobile smartphones to run on the carrier’s latest 4G network, HSPA+42, which has a theoretical top download speed of 42Mbps. T-Mobile said average downloads …

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Sonim XP1301

Sonim XP1301 NFC   “The XP1301 CORE, the world’s first ultra-rugged Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile phone. Designed especially for markets in security guarding, facilities management, cleaning, equipment maintenance and home visit healthcare, the XP1301 CORE NFC enhances service delivery quality assurance, provides real time business intelligence right from the client site and can improve …

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Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE HD / SHV-E120L

Samsung SHV-E120L / Galaxy S2 LTE HD   One more from the category leaked/rumor. NFC enabled handset. Guess for which market… of course the Korean! Later this month? That’s in the next days! (sept.2011) Other countries?…… nobody knows yet.   update march 12; “the HD variant will be available on all three Korean carriers; SK …

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LG U+ LTE / LU6200 / (Nitro HD = non nfc)

LG LU6200 / U+ LTE NFC enabled handset. Someone from Korea wrote (in korean) he discovered details and foto’s of a new Phone. In a few days this news is published on millions of websites. I just don’t find it on a website of LG or a website from a carrier. Nobody seems to care. …

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Acer E320 Liquid express

Acer E320 Liquid Express NFC NFC “Est pour Acer une priorité, car les usages offerts par cette technologie sont multiples : paiement, transports, billetterie, fidélisation, informations au service de la culture, agrégation de services communaux… “, ” nous n’avons pas encore exploré les milliers d’applications qui vont en découler. ” “The NFC technology of the …

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Nokia Oro

Nokia Oro Specifications It seems to be a gilded C7. Available Available colours Dark   Dimensions Size: 117.3 x 57.5 x 12.2 mm Weight (with battery): 131.7 g Volume: 77.7 cc Memory Internal memory: 8 GB MicroSD memory card support up to 32 GB (max total 40 GB) Use as USB mass memory device for …

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Samsung Galaxy Note NFC enabled, when and where

samsung galaxy note nfc chip att

Samsung Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 2 page The world’s first 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display, provides you with an expansive high-resolution screen for an immersive viewing experience. NFC is optional. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) does not support nfc, but with extra “middleware” Samsung can enable nfc on Gingerbread devices with nfc chip. Update March ’12; …

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Wave Y with NFC and LaFleur edition

Samsung Wave Y handset with optional nfc

Samsung Wave Y NFC The Wave Y is a low-end bada O.S. Phone with optional NFC chip. “The perfect device to introduce new users to the world of smartphone experiences. With a stylish metallic hairline body and large 3.2” HVGA screen, new users can take their first steps to mobile social networking with Social Hub …

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Wave M with optional NFC chip

Samsung Wave M handset with optional nfc

Samsung Wave M NFC The Wave M is a mid-range Phone with optional NFC and Bada 2 O.S.. “This handset allows users to keep up-to-date with their hectic social lives with ChatON and Social Hub. With a wide 3.65” HVGA screen made from tempered glass and a metallic body, the Wave M lets users stay …

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Fujitsu F-11C

Fujitsu F-11C-nfc

Fujitsu F-11C Only in Japan yet. Fujitsu F-11C, “12.8-mm waterproof phone with security features such as fingerprint sensor. Business-support features including business card reader linked to address book and “whiteboard photo” mode. Available from NTT DOCOMO Japan. SpecificationsList Height x Width x Thickness 111 x 51 x 12.8 mm (max. 16.6 mm) Weight 119 grams …

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Fujitsu F-10C

Only in Japan yet Fujitsu F-10C, “11.8-mm waterproof phone with 12.2-megapixel camera for shooting Full High Vision video. Prism glass illumination and beautiful jewel-like design features. Available from NTT DOCOMO Japan. Specifications List Height x Width x Thickness 111 x 51 x 11.8 mm (max. 15.3 mm) Weight 110 grams Continuous Stand-by Time (static) 600 …

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Fujitsu F-09C

Fujitsu F-09C-nfc

Only in Japan yet. Fujitsu F-09C, “high-spec waterproof body with responsive touchscreen. Vibrant 3D experiences on large 3.5-inch rotating screen. 16.3-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor shoots Full HD movie.” Available from NTT DOCOMO Japan. Specifications List weight x Width x Thickness 114 x 51 x 15.8 mm (max. 19.8 mm) Weight 146 grams Continuous Stand-by …

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Nokia 701

Nokia 701 NFC Phone

Nokia 701: Nokia’s brightest smartphone The Nokia 701 is a sleek, slim smartphone incorporating the world’s brightest ever mobile phone display, based on a 3.5 inch ClearBlack display that makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It also has active noise cancellation for the clearest sound quality. NFC pairing and sharing capabilities, allowing content …

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Nokia 600 canceled

Nokia 600: Nokia’s loudest smartphone CANCELED Nokia on Nokia’s Facebook wall: “The thing is, after careful consideration, we have decided not to ship the Nokia 600.” The Nokia 600 NFC Phone delivers a big sound and is Nokia’s loudest at 106 Phons. With built-in FM radio antenna for listening to radio without headphones and FM …

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BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 / 9370

BlackBerry Curve 9350 / 9360 / 9370 The BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphones are the second series of BlackBerry smartphones to feature Near Field Communications (NFC), after the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 On this Phone, NFC works out of the box.     The new BlackBerry Curve smartphones will be available in …

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Nokia 700 NFC Phone

Nokia 700: Nokia’s smallest smartphone At only 50 cubic centimetres, weighing 96gm and at 110 x 50.7 x 9.7 mm, the Nokia 700 not only becomes Nokia’s most compact smartphone in the Symbian range, it is the most compact touch monoblock smartphone in the world. What it lacks in size it makes up for in …

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HTC Stunning

HTC Stunning ( Incredible S + NFC ) This NFC phone will debut in China (September? 2011) and will support NFC mobile payments through a partnership with China UnionPay, the Chinese bankcard network. The Stunning runs Android O.S., and this handset uses the SWP protocol to access the secure element on the microSD card. UnionPay …

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Samsung S5260P / Player city / Star 2

This is an entry level NFC phone. The Samsung City Player is powered by the MIDP 2.1 platform with a Dolphin browser. Player City available in France, Star 2 NFC in other European countrys.   PROS: bluetooth 3 NFC design satisfied users CONS: no 3G band intern memory       SPECIFICATIONS Caractéristiques principales * …

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Samsung Galaxy S2 (plus), NFC chip optional

Samsung Galaxy S2 Update; Info and specs added about GS2 +, the latest version also includes an optional nfc chip, further down under the video. Galaxy S2 nfc Phones with / without, enabled / disabled  chip. (Until now, aug.2011, NFC-enabled only spotted in South Korea) The Galaxy S2 with NFC soon in the US (AT&T, …

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Suggestions for NFC Phones list

list of available NFC Phones Searched for ” available NFC Phones “?  For the real lists, just use the menu available from all of my webpages. This post is about suggestions for a new list of available NFC Phones.  Only a few websites have such a list available in the virtual world. It seems on …

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Nokia N9 NFC Phone

Nokia N9 The tablet-style smartphone is the first (and last?) Meego-based Nokia. In Switserland the N9 is announced for September 15th. Rumours say, no Meego-Phone in countrys where Windows Phone handsets will be launched later this year. The bold, all-screen phone has no back or home keys. You swipe from app to app in a …

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BlackBerry 9790 NFC / Bellagio

BlackBerry Bold 9790 The BlackBerry Bold 9790 nfc / Bellagio is the successor of the Bold 9780. We can call it a lower end Bold, or alternative to the 9900 if you like a smaller handset. It will be running BlackBerry OS 7 and will have a QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, 8GB internal memory, and an …

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