Sky Vega LTE / LTE M / LTE EX

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Sky Vega LTE IM-A800S

Sky Vega LTE / LTE M / LTE EX

Manufacturer Pantech
The SKY VEGA LTE is really a high-end Phone. LTE; Live is The Evolution.
Only available in S.Korea. Four versions for the 3 Korean carriers.
All with NFC chip.

최고의 한국 친구, 언어 때문에

여기에 약간의 정보, 죄송합니다

Unfortunately, limited information due to lack of English-language information. I’m sorry for the many Korean visitors
More info in Korean language;  VEGA LTE

KT —— VEGA LTE M — IM-810K

Rest of page is translated with Google translator from Korean to English. Author has nothing reworked.


1.5GHz Dual Core CPU speed and the country’s fastest DDR2 memory to mount the first to implement a faster memory speed Pentium speed and usability of consumer offers.

Add a new tab and the tab category by providing the ability to quickly screen can be moved and you want access to the site is easy.
When the final zoom in the browser, go to the preview screen, and tabs at the bottom of the page provides a history of previous / next page provides the ability to easily move.

Existing ties with SKY Music Player + Melon Music Player features have been upgraded further. Music player MelOn in real-time, weekly, and can leverage ilganchateu information, SNS are listening to music, sound, or when you want to share MelOn YouTube video URL can be attached. In addition to its association with MelOn lyrics, album information, to provide additional information including:

In addition to the 16GB internal memory with SKYme Cloud Storage 16GB of storage space to provide two times.
SKYme service, photos, address book, the characters can be freely shared with friends, Vega LTE own motion recognition feature can quickly and easily upload pictures.

  • Best Buy Co, Inc.

product_spec_tit_34 (0). gif standard criteria
132.9 x 71.4 x 9.35 (mm, Black base).
138.3g (White), 135.3g (Black)
product_spec_tit_35 (0). gif White, Black
product_spec_tit_36.gif large-screen (11.43cm) Compact design, implement and apply the hagodo to provide a sense of the Good Grip.
product_spec_tit_02.gif WXGA
WXGA (1280 * 800, 100 만 pixel) LCD by applying a high-definition wide-screen you can enjoy a variety of multimedia.
1680 ten thousand color
Font / Size
12 different font support vector fonts (gwangsuche, Gothic, myeongjoche, Sky block Luce, byeolheneun bamche, gwangsupporiche Android default typeface, bareunsaenghwalche, byeolsatangche, syabanggongjuche, cheongchunyeongache, Sky Serif ) according to the characteristics of the customer support you can set the font.
product_spec_tit_03.gif 8M AF CMOS Camera With Flash
800 million pixel built-in LED flash and provides
Touch the location you want to focus, and motion detection auto focus (AF) is activated.
Has been optimized for a variety of shooting situations with the recording mode (Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Indoor, Sport, Night, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Text, Fireworks), take a right to edit and share them with your friends may

Key Features
– Icons hidden mode: the screen with two fingers raised to the screen, the icon, then drag it out of hiding in a wide-screen picture you can enjoy the convenience of
-Shortcut: the Home screen, built-in menu, icons as well as applications downloaded from Market and can be set as a shortcut to the desired screen.
-All programs screen an existing page, scroll down, scroll left or right way to improve the way you’ve downloaded an app you can quickly find and manage menu, move, delete, select the menu features a page for each app you want to move in, you can manage. In addition, the skin of the menu icons can be changed by selecting the desired type.
– Provides a variety of widgets: widgets, one of several functions by providing the information you want directly from the home screen could not be easier to determine.
– Executing function widget: shows the currently executing function, managed through the ability to run easily to exit the program can help prevent unnecessary execution of the program.
– Weather widget: National and regional weather wifi neighborhood by providing real-time weather information can be confirmed.
– World Clock Widget: time and weather in cities around the world can be easily identified
-SNS Manager widgets: me2day twitter applications and real-time update of the widget manager can check the article.
-RSS widget: RSS Reader functionality of the various media and news information in real time is possible.
– Web bookmark widget: Check your browser bookmarked sites, you can access.
Friends-SKY: SKY Friends often listed as 10 people to contact, call or letter can be sent immediately leave convenience.
In addition to ranking SKY, SKY music, neon signs, Wordbook, calendar, notepad, World Clock, clock, album, etc. You can choose various widgets.
Home Screen Mode Concept
Depending on your situation, by the Home screen background screen background screen, multi-convenient to use functionality and set the background image to be set up quickly and simple structure has been improved.
In addition, widgets, shortcuts, and settings you want by category, provided by placing shortcuts, widgets, edited and stored to be used to provide functionality.
Features Home Screen Mode
Seven of the order of the Home screen, you can delete, edit, and edit mode. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose a collection of widgets and shortcuts to home screen mode, Social, entertain, education, business, travel, sky 6 species by providing a selection of each other depending on the situation at once, it is convenient to do.
Edited by the user on the screen, change the home screen mode, save the configuration is stored in the My Mode settings, depending on your situation and can be used conveniently.
20100414152753.gif Mappy 3D
Mappy equipped with a smart 3D navigation using 3D and features real-time traffic information (TPEG), voice search, WiFi via convenient features such as map updates are available.
SKY Books
Various bookstores and e-library is linked content (books, magazines and comics) Search for or purchase, and that you have purchased or rented content or other content (E-pub, TXT, ZIP) integrating App. Viewable within You can.
Running SKY
Language, secondary education, higher education, general education content integrated life App. To download or can be enjoyed in real time.
Polaris Office
In various MS Office documents without having to convert the file can be edited freely or easily.
File Explorer features, and written documents in connection with the printer Printing is also available.
SKY Planner
Synchronization with Google Calendar has a possible structure, the day cleaning up and a tour of his diary to help parents, birthday, memorial, a family inclined to help and do not forget the anniversary can be used easily and conveniently.
National weather and the neighborhood’s weekly forecast and local weather can be set, and real-time widget set is now available on the Home screen.
SNS Manager
Twitter, Me2Day use of multiple accounts and users, taking into account the selected account and writing a user-written applications, integrated management, and offers the ability to register.
Twitter Social Network Service representative by providing applications, rapid acquisition of information and different opinions with people around the exchange, information sharing, networking and terminal functions are available from the formation.
Social Network Service representative me2day applications, providing an online environment for domestic service and various opinions with others around the same exchange, information sharing, networking and terminal functions are available from the formation.
SKY Movies
A wide variety of codecs (DivX, XviD, AC3, DTS) provides a player that supports the conversion without a separate video capabilities are available. 1080P Full HD Contents of is available in the City Hall.
RSS Reader
Internet, newspapers, blogs, etc. If you add wepmidieodeuleul addresses can be easily subscribe. Subscribed content also provides the ability to keep separate the, favorite article can be kept for a long time.
Pandora TV
Pandora TV easily for viewing the contents of the category by category to provide a wide variety of multimedia content.
Blog Notes
Word as input and editing environment provides a variety of characters, and various blogs and articles written in conjunction with sns services can be deployed.
Electronic Dictionary
Split supported the view younghanyoung tablet dedicated to UX, is simultaneous support for pre 영영, heading to the Speaker (US / UK), examples Speech (TTS) is supported, a variety of search features (words, phrases, examples, as Hangul , spell search) to support and cradle, and rote learning, learning capabilities to support a variety of dictation.
Smart Notes
Read a bar code or QR code, and a variety of information to quickly identify the telephone directory, bookmarks, and generate your own QR code can be shared.
Subway map
Information transfer stations have been added, and the pop-up directly through the touch without having to enter the station name via a simple Touch yeokgeomsaek, path search, you can easily see yeokjeongbo. In addition, even sleeping on the subway at the time set by the user arrival alarm feature to wake sleeping are supported.
product_spec_tit_20.gif notepad
Phone number, URL, and a convenient way to save currency, you can even connect a web page.
Document Viewer
Various documentation files (the Hangul, WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, TXT, etc.) can be found directly without conversion from MS.
RSS Reader
Internet, newspapers, blogs, etc. If you add wepmidieodeuleul addresses can be easily subscribe. Subscribed content also provides the ability to keep separate the, favorite article can be kept for a long time.
Blog Notes
Word as input and editing environment provides a variety of characters, and various blogs and articles written in conjunction with sns services can be deployed.
Frequently visited web pages can be managed on a per-folder basis.
product_spec_tit_16.gif personal information management (PIM) Phonebook
Save the phone book does not limit the number of (user-space can be used 500MByte), Google accounts and real-time work if you have a Google account, a separate connection to the phone book can be obtained without the radio.
When you enter your friend’s address in Google Maps you can determine where your friend’s address.
product_spec_tit_30.gif conversation Inbox (Wed, outgoing message): Unlimited
Message storage: 400
Bin USIM messages: 20
t_wifi.gif Wi-Fi b / g / n
Wi-Fi b / g / n support up faster than you can enjoy wireless Internet access.
Sign up for VoIP in Wi-Fi zone to dial the Internet as a cheap call rates can make calls.
Tethering (Internet sharing service).
Android 2.3 version to support 3G Tethering Android phone connected to a Wi-Fi AP utilizes multiple wireless access devices will have the ability to share.
Media Links
Media content to wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct) directly to a TV or a PC that can be viewed by sending streaming media links (DLNA / uPnP) features.
Support for Flash Player 10.1 provides a comfortable Internet environment Javascrip engine “V8” also equipped to provide the improved performance of the web browser.
product_spec_tit_21.gif SyncManager, T-MAP, T-STORE, FOTA, Freezone / Nate, June deposit, SIS widgets, nalsi / News widget, Q-Spider, Myspace, BaSKet, T-CASH, remote consultation, ten members wallet Smart dialing, Go NFC, T ten member stores, Nate Potal, SimpleSync, Nate On UC, Melon, Smart Daily, T-Stock, Ovjet
product_spec_tit_33.gif S / W Upgrade Features
The Data Manager program installed on your PC, from home through the Internet, the latest version of the S / W can be upgraded to. It also supports wireless data manager function without a separate wire cable for Data manager (messages, address book, etc.) can be managed to provide a convenience feature.
product_spec_tit_22.gif standard (1,830 mAh)
-Wi-Fi ON
Talk: Approximately 348 minutes
Video calls: Approximately 149 minutes
Standby time (Wi-Fi ON): 169 시간
Standby time (Wi-Fi OFF): 184 시간
Talk: 353 minutes
Standby time: 183 hours
– When the screen is on
TDMB: 314 분
Camera: 202 minutes
Games: 151 minutes
VOD: 348 분
product_spec_tit_23.gif 16 GB internal memory
– Program installation space: 800MB
– Built-in SD Memory Space: 11.93GB
– Base system installation and backup space: 3GB
– Cloud Stroage 16GB
– External Memory Slot offers
External Memory Slot
a large microSD Memory Slot supports can play a wide variety of multimedia content.
product_spec_tit_24.gif Standard Battery (BAT-7100M)
Battery Cover
Battery Charge Cradle (BTC-500)
Stereo ear microphone (EM-1700)
Data Manager Cable (IMCBL-1700)
Charging Adapter (TA-110)
Terrestrial antenna (TAT-170 (R))
Simple Guide
Safety Manual
product_spec_tit_25 (0). gif pie gender (TRP-230 / TRP-240)
Car adapter (CLA-200)
MHL gender (TRP-500)

Source isky.co.kr , But we can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.
Page is translated with Google translator from Korean to English. Author has nothing reworked.

Product specifications and service availability may differ by country.

About the author

Joao Rostli


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  1. jurua blevis

    i have a Vega IM-A890L but its touch screen cracked , I have tried to look for the spare in this country but i cant find any .
    please am in Uganda in Africa . could there be anyway you can help me please?

  2. ggg

    Im 800s not play mobile legends and clash of clans

  3. Damas Mahimbo

    HI i use to have phone like this before but i lost it how can i buy a new one


    HI ,
    I would like to inform you that i have A 870 SKY VEGA MOBILE faulty .i want to know where repair canter in which country ?

  5. saad

    I m using sky im810k…it have 11.5 gb of free mmry…but whenever i want to download any app…it will shows a msg…not enough mmry…plzzzzZZZ plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz tell me the solution…plzzzzz

  6. Haseeb ahmad khan

    i face a problem in vega ulte..
    its mobile data will be on automatically.why?
    i already reset it..but it will on every aftr 3 to 4 mints

  7. Haseeb ahmad khan

    i have a problem

    my phone is vega lte ..in my phone mobile data is automatically on…
    i have already reset it.
    please give me a solution

  8. sumaira amin

    plz tell Me how can I use memory ofsky vega a810s
    Its shows that no enough memory although is Has 9.6 GB memory
    another problem is that I cannot use mobil data
    plz tell Me how can I fix this problm

  9. sumaira amin

    I’m from pakistan
    I’m using sky vega a810s but I’ve a problem that when I download something or any aplication from play store I received a msg that no enough memory although Ive 9.37 memory
    plzz slove my problm

  10. usama

    hey, I have solution of msgs of sky. update your apps and use “hangout” 🙂 😉 n enjoy man. … no tenshion……

    1. muhammad farhan

      how ? please tell me

  11. Sylvia

    m using a vega 4g lite IM-A860S, i have a problem with smses..i receive smses aftr a 3days of sending or beyond. plis help me solve this probem

  12. odyssey

    Hi, i have this video saving problem with my vega sky 6, after i saved video in my storage and try to play it again in a few minutes i’ll say “error media” and can no longer play or open the file anymore. Is there any app i could install to fix this problem?
    Hope anyone can help me. Thank you
    Email Alorah_27@yahoo.com
    odyssey recently posted..LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip My Profile

  13. Neelam arif

    Asslamualikum me sky IM-A810 use ke rhe hu is ka memory status kaha hota ha 🙁 tell me plz someone
    Neelam arif recently posted..LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip My Profile

  14. Ahsan

    I am using Sky IM800s i can recieve messeges but can’t send shownig popup no sender number plz help to resolve this issue ….. kamray1@yahoo.com

  15. Ahamefule joshua

    Plz ma sky vega lte white 4g battery is bad and i nid to get a new one,but dnt no where to get it in nigeria plz i nid help, God bless u

  16. Rashid ali

    Aslam o Alikum !

    1) I have the problem I can’t write long msg.

    please help me i have so seriously problem rashidalrifai.96@gmail.com

  17. josh

    I can’t check my balance and I can’t send text and I can’t browse I don’t no why pls sombody tell me what to do here. Is my email benkahmassive@yahoo.com I drop my email cus d first question I ask I got answers but don’t no how to open them and read! Pls help me am getting faustrated.

  18. josh

    How can my im A810k browse and I can’t recharge or call don’t no what’s wrong pls sombody tell me what to do!

  19. James Rae Lising

    Hi Folks, I had a problem and really appreciate if there’s anyone could help.
    I had my SKY VEGA PANTECH S5 model IM – A840S.
    After upgrading the phone to remove Korean languages and Apps to reduce memory space.
    I noticed that 3G was disable and phone Network setting cannot able to click because text is submerge and blur out.

    Kindly tell what’s wrong and how to fix this exception error?
    Please send me here: jamesraelising027@gmail.com
    A lot of thanks in advance
    James Rae Lising recently posted..LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip My Profile

  20. Sanjok

    M using sky A760s.i can’t find file manager/my files/file explora…anything else.plz help me how to get this?….

  21. M. Suleman Ahmed

    i am using Sky IM800s i can recieve messeges but can’t send shownig popup no sender number plz help to resolve this issue

    1. Ahsan

      Same prob with me

  22. syed

    Hi there i have Sjy vega 820L But its back Camera is not working and front camera is working perfectly….camra give An Error ….. like that…. “Unfortunately Camera Has Stopped…?

    Plz Solve my this Problem…

  23. usman ashraf

    many k810 ko 4.2.2 pa shope sa update keraya ha but masseg sending failed ho gai error code 01 dayta ha plz help me out

  24. wahab gul

    how to save my battery in sky Vega 850L please help.

  25. sunday

    am using sky vega 4g lte phone,the always said 100 percent charging complete but d phone will nt on pls help me

  26. pam

    hi……im using sky im-a800k the touch screen is not functioning well,, i try to hard reset it but is still the same… please help me:(… thank u

  27. janelle

    hellow my vega phone is always turn off then always showing this message system restart because of application operation error how can i fix this problem? i hope you can help me…plssssss T.T

    1. ayaz

      dear contart me i can solve this problem…. i have already solve this problem several times. even my sky vega have this problem.. but i fix it … :-)….its my email adress…………….

      1. christian

        have same problem. how can i sove this pls help.

  28. joshua greg guerrero

    HI everyone I need help please im using SKY IM A800S , i already download go sms pro , i can send short messages but cant send long message, can you please help me 🙁

  29. Trauamtic

    im using sky im-a800s
    plz guide me how to connect it to GPRS 0r mobile data

  30. aleem

    aleem recently posted..LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip My Profile

  31. zia

    how do video call to 3g sim my sky vega a800s

  32. anpete

    i want to know the price for IM A800s for sky vega

  33. dawaa

    I want to connect my phone to computer.But is not.Any PC does not recognize.What do I do

  34. melvin

    I’m using a800s it was ok but when I root it and install link2sd 1st its working properly,now it jad no sevice problem.then I unroot it and factory reset,and hrd reset.now its still no service.it has no imei and baseband uknown.then I try to remove sd card and it works. then the other day the problem came again.I’m in 4,1,2 now.

  35. haider ali

    sir I upgrade my sky Im A800S to andoride version 4.1.2 now I can’t click on (slect the network type) option so I can’t slect 3g/lte opption kindly reply me on dae.haider@gmail.com

    1. shoaib khan

      same problem with me

      1. melvin

        scroll down the notification on quick settings click DATA firts before you can select 3g

  36. Asad

    my sky A800s have a problem of restart . . again and again. anyone can help me plz for this problem?

    1. waqas

      Please reset the FACTORY setting , hope your problem would be resolved if not then install software 4.1.2 jelly beam

  37. Naveed Ifox

    hi dear m from pakistan please send me the 3G network how to use, I have try again and again but 3G can’t on

    1. waqas

      Its software problem, i have also A800S Sky Mobile… i am facing same problem…i have consult with MOBILE repair person… He will do the SOFTWARE.. i think JELLY BEAN.. i will do it tomorrow. I hope with it Problem would be resolved.. I WILL CONFIRM U.. MY NUMBER IS 0321-6122694 u can contact with me. thanks waqas from sialkot

  38. Humayun khan

    please help my a800s sky mobile is show the network problame sim ready but not preferred network

  39. Yuresh

    i have sky wega A800s mobile phone.problem is Mic and earpiece not working during call.voice recording and everything working good..Please help 🙁

  40. Michael

    My sky vega im a800s is not coming up anymore… It will boot a little and hang. Please help

  41. Michael

    Am in NIGERIA ……..Please how can i upgrade my sky Vega im-a800s from android from 2.3 40 4.1 and it given me error message when i try to check my account balance or Load a card

  42. yousuf

    i have sky wega A800s no usim card problem what i can do………
    it happening outomatically.

  43. ANNA

    A friend from Korea got me a sky phone but my Ghana Sim cards r not able to get me internet service. Please i need help on what to do.

  44. Ahmad

    i m using LTE Vega A880S, the problem im facing is that it takes about 5 Hours for complete charging. how to deal with this problem ??? any idea ??

  45. Malikai

    A Korean friend has kindly offered to give me his SKY mobile phone but my UK sim card doesn’t seem to be recognised by the phone.

    Does anyone know if there is any way that I can use a UK sim card in a SKY mobile phone?


  46. liza

    hi I received sky vega 810k from my korean friend.. ican recieved calls and text messages but I can’t send a txt pls help?

    1. mark kevin orense

      try to download go sms in playstore.

  47. muzamil

    i have sky mobile 4g lte. its speakers are not working. internal and external both. to resolve this i did factory reset. but not solved. Help required.

    1. Haroon

      I have a same problem
      Did u find the solution
      Please reply
      And sms me on 03009384149

  48. chisty

    how to adjust my sim card in my phone , there is no chamber.

  49. martin

    hello my country is rwanda i have sky phone IM-A810S but it’s battery is died and in we don’t have that battery so i need easy way to fund anothe batterie

  50. Farhan

    plz tell me
    how to trnsfer data between laptop and sky vega A760 racer when i connect my phone with PC via cable it jxt start charging not no more option like mass storage pc suite …………..
    plz tell me

  51. rohith

    i have a sky 800s phone ..please tel me what is a lte frequency this phone ..same web site sey lte 800
    i need to know it is LTE 1800 or no
    please reply me niro7580@gmail.com

    1. Bilal Naeem

      SKY A800S works with all GSM, 3G, 4G.

      1. Awais

        dear i have sky a800 problem in network sim is ready show all contects but not pik signal plz help me…,

  52. anohmcv

    my sky vega IM-A800s i have some message which indicating NO REPLY NUMBER but the number is already in my phone …how will i remiove NO REPLY NUMBER or NO CALLBACK NUMBER…theres a function in setting and i’ve tried but still it has…pls help…THANKS…

    1. Bilal Naeem

      Use Handcent SMS application, I think so ur problem will be resolved

  53. ban

    How can i find the internal memory files ,i cant find it ,please help.

  54. usman


    I Have Sky IM-A800s $G LITE Korean………my play store(Market) is not working properly due to not establishing Google account. I tried many time to login or create Google account but my device denied the request.please help me If any body can solve my Problem then email me on ” usmanbutt81@gmail.com

  55. mohsan

    Any body please send me the procedure to reboot SKY Vega 4G LTE A800S to my email address mohsanbhutta123@gmail.com

  56. Faraz

    I face a problem in my set sky A760s of language problem due to resetting now pls tell me now how to can i change the korean language into english.

  57. Faraz

    I face a problem in my set Sky A760s of Language which is now korean due to resetting now pls tell me from where i can solved this problem and change the language of koren into english.

  58. usman

    sir i have sky vega lite it restart automatically and some times off althogh i reboot it but not fix the problem some tyme working normal but some times gives problem

    1. Bilal Naeem

      It occures when battery get tooo much low. Maintain your battery level. I am also facing this problem.

  59. Jigmet

    Hi every one i need help , my phone sky 4g lte .. in Hongkong its not detecting any 3G net work. any Idea? and how can we check the network frequency ???

  60. mohsan

    Hi I bought SKY Vega 4G LTE from Korea but unfortunately its front and back camera and flash light is not working, I already reset the factory settings but still same results showing message “Unfortunately unable to operate camera”
    Please send me the solution on my e-mail address.

    1. Bilal Naeem

      Upgrade through Self_Upgrade. New version (S0212317.BINX) released on 25th December 2013 for Sky A800S. I hope so ur problem will be resolved

  61. farzand

    hello guys
    plzz help i cant send a text in my SKY Vega LTE M IM-A810S in pakistan how can iset my phone to send a text and as well cant check my balance e.g *345# it says input is wrong or conection pb 🙁

    1. Bilal Naeem

      Upgrade it through Self-Upgrade. Its new version has been released on 25th December. It is 4.1.2 android. U can dial *345#

  62. Dino

    Hi gents,

    Help…. my Sky Bravo Lte model IM-A820L has limited texting to 80 byte if I type more will convert SMS to MMS and I can’t sent it!???

    before I send sms will ask me to type sender number?!
    Dino recently posted..Samsung Galaxy MegaMy Profile

    1. farzand

      bro go to play store and download (go sms pro) use it you will love it and your problem will be solved same was the problm with me but it was solved by doing that

      1. delas

        how do i get my internet working on my phone(sky vega model A820L?) after visiting the network provider for the setting, its not working.

  63. Ronald2013

    Help!.. my camera is not working it says “unable to operate camera. end camera” after i tried A800S 221 V6.7 by atulaphan. please email me at brownonly172@gmail.com. Thanks

  64. Rayhanna

    How can i save an image from the internet? I have a 8.0 full HD

  65. butt

    how to off turn my message texting vibration ??

  66. Ferd

    Cât e prețul la tel asta?

  67. shenal

    my sky lte im-a800s mobile does not detect any 3G net work. it was working good wit my previous sim card. and i changed my sim to a differnt carrier, nd now its not detecting any 3G net work.
    plz guide me with this issue.

    1. Hassan

      change settings from ##7593# it will solve your problem

      1. archie

        how to change this setting? my sky a760s cannot recognize my sim card…

  68. bishnu paudel

    my sky lte im-a800s mobile camera and flash light is not working how can i repair or change software or repair please send details. thanks

    1. HarryTri

      I think you should try to factory reset or you can restore it

  69. juvy

    hi ,

    how can i change my korean language to english i have my sky vega 5 but i dont know
    how to change the langguage


    1. js

      Text-based instructions:
      1. Left menu button
      2. Cog (Settings)
      3. Block with “A” (Locale and text)
      4. First option (Language)
      5.Click on it and it will auto-apply.

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