New Samsung phones with Visa nfc contactless payments app

New Samsung NFC phones preloaded with Visa contactless payments app, globally!

Samsung Android nfc phones

Samsung partners with Visa
Visa and Samsung have agreed to work together to accelerate the availability of contactless nfc payments. The Visa payWave app will be preloaded on selected Samsung nfc enabled handsets with an embedded secure element.
Press-release; “The Visa payWave mobile applet will be preloaded onto selected next-generation Samsung mobile devices” Nothing about the unused SE in already sold nfc devices.
Samsung and Visa offer a service to banks (or other financial institution) to launch mobile payment programs. Banks can load (over-the-air) payment account information on the secure element, embedded in Samsung devices. Consumers wil need a mobile payment app, provided by their bank.visa paywave app on new Samsung nfc phones

Most nfc enabled phones have an embedded Secure Element. Android and BlackBerry do support, Windows 8 phones don’t support embedded SE. Practical all nfc phones support SIM-based SE.
Inside Secure, Broadcom and Qualcomm announced nfc controller chips supporting multiple SE simultaneous.
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Google Wallet uses the embedded SE but most mobile wallets use a SIM-based secure element. Telecom companies prefer SIM-based SE to ensure their piece of the cake, and.. disable the embedded SE.

So, NFC payments for all, very soon?

Telcos sell subsidized phones and add and disable what they want. See how Google wallet is blocked in favor of ISIS, in the USA. So, this NFC payment service without the involvement of telcos.. often still depends on the telcos.
Don’t expect this service in the USA or west-Europe. The service is global but not for all markets. In countries where the phones are sold without subsidies this approach has more chance to succeed.
And.. your bank needs to launch an nfc enabled mobile payment service and talk with Samsung/Visa.
Without nfc enabled payment terminals at all retailers, don’t forget your small change yet.

Very interesting development with potential!

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  1. nfc enabled Samsung Galaxy S4 | nfc-phones.org

    […] No surprise, Samsung’s NFC enabled Galaxy S4 is the first device with Visa’s payWave app preloaded. The app is stored on an embedded secure element with a lot of memory. The SE is available for mobile payment services from local and global network operators, banks and others. “More payment apps from multiple brands are planned to be preloaded into the embedded secure element in the coming months” (Mastercard app would be quite logical). Using the embedded secure element, NFC payments will be available globaly, and in addition to services on the SIM-based secure element. Broadcom chips do support multiple Secure Elements simultaneous. Many nfc phone designs don’t have this feature, and you can’t add it with a software update. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon block “embedded SE-based” Google Wallet in the USA. Will USA, French, Turkish and every other subsidized phones selling carrier with SIM-based wallet, allow this competition? […]

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