Qualcomm nfc controller chip announced

Phones with Qualcomm nfc controller chip in 2013qualcomm NFC controller chip qca 1990 for 2013 announced


Not really a surprise, Qualcomm announced it’s nfc chips. In the second half of 2013 we can expect mobile phones with their nfc chips.
When a phone is announced, it’s available next week. When a chip is announced, it’s available next year.
The worst… no info on expected mobile phones with this chip .. just kidding 😉 .
Of course we prefer to write “over 4 weeks the nexus 6 with the first Qualcomm nfc chip”! For at least 6 months we will hear nothing about handsets with Qualcomm nfc chips. Certainly many new phones with nfc chips from NXP, Inside Secure, Broadcom, MediaTek, Samsung?, TI? till the first Qualcomm appears.

The QCA 1990 is just an nfc controller, no combo with other technologies and no Secure Element on this chip. Same as the Broadcom chip. It supports connected embedded Secure elements and one or two SIM-based SE with the SWP.

O.k., forget the Nexus 6 and let’s see what Qualcom announced about this chip;

– Platform-level integration with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and next-generation processors and modems.
– Seamless user experiences in the mobile, computing and consumer electronics markets when paired with Qualcomm Atheros’ WCN3680 1-stream, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.0/FM chip.
– NFC Controller Interface (NCI) stack is fully integrated.
– Supported antenna form factors that are eight times smaller than current market offerings.
– Extremely low-power polling algorithms to prolong battery life.
– An overall footprint that is 50 percent smaller than current NFC chips available in the market.
– Wide range of Secure Element options, both embedded and SIM-based, while supporting multiple secure elements concurrently, including support for a dual-SIM configuration.
source; press release Qualcomm Atheros

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