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Orange Santa Clara

orange santa clara nfc enabled handset

Orange announced a new own-branded smartphone, it will be offered exclusively to Orange’s customers in the UK and France. Powered by the Intel Atom processor and NFC enabled !
It seems, it will be the first Intel-based Android handset available in Europe. Its commercial name will be unveiled at launch this summer 2012.

This first Intel-powered Orange handset “will feature a number of locally-relevant and unique Orange services including Orange TV, Dailymotion, Deezer, Orange Wednesdays, Your Orange and Orange Gestures”

Orange aims to increase the volume of its own-branded device portfolio from 15 to 20 per cent in 2012. These phones are “differentiated by being customised with simple and relevant Orange applications and services.”

The new Orange smartphone is based on Intel’s smartphone reference design.


Intel® Atom™ 1.6 Ghz medfield processor Z2460
4.03 inch 1024×600 px display
dimensions; 123mm x 63 x 9.99
weighs; 117g
HSPA+ support, Intel® XMM™ 6260 Platform

Android 2.3 with a planned upgrade to 4 ICS
HD 1080p Video
HD Voice call
HDMI out
gesture navigation
8 Mp camera, making 10 pictures in a second
Orange’s NFC mobile wallet service
Orange Services; Orange TV, Dailymotion, Deezer (France), Orange Wednesdays Your Orange and Orange Gestures.

Available; UK and France (only), summer 2012.
Update June 1; The San Diego will be released in the UK on 6 June.
No date for France yet.
Later available at Mobistar, Belgium ? Is no first-hand information.
Update; It seems the Orange San Diego NFC = the Lava Xolo X900 NFC released april 24 in India.

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