NFC enabled phones in India

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NFC enabled phones in India

A very welcome to the many visitors from India on this website.
Phones with NFC seems to be popular in India. So I had to make a page with all available NFC enabled handsets in India.
This time not only the problem with the optional chip, which means I have a lot to figure out.
Second problem; several Indian websites publish info about mobile phones with NFC technology.. but some give wrong information because they don’t search enough to find first-hand proof. I know, it’s very annoying searching for hours because the manufacturer isn’t clear about that chip. Other (big) websites can misinform about NFC, but on this website the information about NFC must be correct! Feedback is very welcome.


Bold 9900
Bold 9790
Curve 9350
Curve 9360
Curve 9370
Curve 9380
Porsche Design P’9981


First soon
One X
One X+
One SV
One XL soon
J Butterfly
windows phone 8x
Butterfly S




Xolo X900


Optimus L5
Optimus L7
Optimus L9
Optimus 4x HD
Optimus G
VU 2 soon
VU LTE soon
Prada 3 soon
Optimus net ?
Optimus 3D MAX
Nexus 4
Optimus G pro


Razr M soon
Razr i soon
Razr HD soon
Razrs HD Maxx
Moto X soon


808 Pure View
Lumia 610 nfc soon
Lumia 620
Lumia 720
Lumia 820
Lumia 920
Lumia 925
Lumia 928
Lumia 1020 soon


Galaxy S 3
Nexus S
Galaxy Note 2
Ativ S soon
S3 mini soon
Gal. Express soon
Note 3 soon
S4 Active soon


Xperia S / SL
Xperia P
Xperia ion hspa
Xperia Sola
Xperia Acro S soon
Xperia T soon
Xperia V soon
Xperia ion soon
Xperia Z
Xperia ZL
Xperia L
Xperia SP
Xperia ZR
Xperia M
Xperia Z1 soon

NFC news in India

Yebhi, virtual stores

Yebhi.com, India’s online fashion and lifestyle shopping portal, has launched 30 Virtual Stores (in Delhi and Bangalore) where customers can buy products from a virtual wall.
The virtual stores feature pictures of merchandise (apparels, shoes, accessories, mobiles) from the Yebhi.com website, with having NFC tags (and QR codes).

Customers can select any item by tapping the NFC tag with their smartphone, they will be taken to the Yebhi.com website, where they can buy the item which will then be delivered at home. Customers will get an Rs200 instant discount if they buy at Yebhi’s virtual store!

Ara eTap from Yeldi softcom

Ara eTap is launched in July 2012. You can get an Ara eTap tag through any mobile SIM seller or the araetap.com website. Just give your mobile number. Using your mobile number, Yeldi personalizes your Ara eTap tag. You will receive a 4 digit customer pin by SMS. You need to load some cash! For now, the limit is Rs. 50,000.

Customers will be given an NFC enabled tap-and-pay tag called Ara eTap. The Ara eTap tag is about 1/4th the size of a credit-card. It contains a secure chip and an antenna. The merchants and retailers will have an Yeldi NFC handset with the Ara eTap application, to receive payments. When you want to make a payment, simply tap your Ara eTap tag to the Yeldi NFC handset and type in your 4-digit pin number. Ara eTap can also be used as a key to access entry doors (on integration); and as a loyalty card for big brands and shopping complexes.

NFC enabled e-Shakti cards in Bihar

NXP together with Glodyne Technoserve, are providing access to banking and social welfare facilities, to Indian citizens living in rural communities. Glodyne Technoserve is the technology service provider of the Indian State Government of Bihar. Residents of Bihar can use their NFC enabled e-Shakti card as their identity card, employment card, and bank card. The e-Shakti project wants to stimulate the rural economy and further develop the Bihar region, improving the economical power of Bihar’s large rural population. Using an end-to-end solution with NFC technology, government officials can register participants as they arrive at work and pay wages directly into their newly created bank accounts. The e-Shakti card brings banking to the unbanked.
Using mobile NFC enabled terminals, a virtual bank can be available in the most rural area. This provides access to full banking services and eliminating the cost and effort required to build physical banks. The terminals also integrate biometrics, GPRS and GPS technologies to connect directly to the bank’s central server. The NFC reader built into the terminals authenticates the user via their contactless SmartMX-based card while biometric data stored on the chip provides an additional level of security.
source; NXP.com

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