Nexus S gets Google Wallet via Android 2.3.7 update

The Google Nexus S Phones of Sprint can be updated to Android 2.3.7. While other Android users are just getting 2.3.4, the Nexus S 4G is ready for Android 2.3.7 which has been recently released by Google.

To take advantage of the Android 2.3.7 update, all you have to do is update your NFC Phone to the latest firmware. With this upgrade, the firware version of the Nexus S 4G gets bumped up to GRJ90 from GWK74. To check for the notification if you can already update your device, just go to Settings page of your Phone and look for System Updates.

Most interesting about this update is the addition of Google Wallet in the list of features for the device. This update will only be available to Samsung Nexus S 4G users on Sprint since the Google Wallet service exclusive offering of Sprint.

If you are an international user of Sprint, you might get stuch with 2.3.4 for the meantime but that doesn’t mean that your Nexus S is less of a phone.
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