Mediatek MT6605 nfc chip with “Beam Plus”?

New Mediatek nfc chip with Beam Plus for mainstream phones

mediatek supplies nfc controller chip with Beam Plus
It’s Jan.8, everybody looking at the CES in Las Vegas but this news comes from Taiwan, the other side of the world.

First nfc solution supporting 3 Secure Elements

The headline of the press release; “World’s 1st 3-SWP (Single Wire Protocol) NFC Solution for Adoption in Mainstream Mobile Platforms”

– It supports simultaneously 3 secure elements, both embedded and SIM-based. “A possible usage scenario could be a dual-SIM plus one micro SD card configuration in one device”.
– The MT6605 software stack works on multiple OS platforms including Android.
– Complies with the NFC Forum Controller Interface.
– Mediatek helps with the antenna designs for significantly smaller antenna sizes.
– ultra compact footprint.
– The MT6605 is ideal for highly integrated mobile platforms and device manufacturers to integrate NFC at a significantly lower price point.

This just isn’t that spectacular for me, because Broadcom and Qualcomm already announced controller chips supporting multiple secure elements simultaneously. Every one of them supplies the best, smallest and cheapest chips 😉 .

Beam Plus

“The chip also incorporates MediaTek’s ”Beam Plus” technology that optimizes the NFC plus Wi-Fi handover procedure and can reduce device paring time significantly at very low power operations.”
Wow, this sounds very interesting, and I would like to know much more about MediaTek’s “Beam Plus”. Is it similar to Samsung’s S-Beam sharing app?
I asked Mediatek for further information, hopefully I can soon add an update here.

MediaTek’s customers are working on the first phone designs based on the MT6605 chipset, they are expected to ship in the 2nd quarter of 2013.
source; Mediatek.com

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