LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip

LG Optimus L9 II is the very first with Broadcom’s new quad-combo chip?broadcom combo with nfc controller chip

A Visa PDF lists the LG D605 smartphone with the new Broadcom quad-combo chip. Hard to say if this LG phone is the very first with this chip, let’s say, one of the first.
A large majority of phones with Bluetooth and WI-Fi use combo chips, and Broadcom has the biggest piece of the combo chip market. The popular BCM4334, predecessor of the new BCM43341, is present in many smartphones, including Apple’s IPhone … No, this doesn’t mean that the next IPhone supports NFC, we don’t know yet.
More integration means reduction of total area and costs. This quad-combo chip arrived to “drive adoption in mass market devices”. Maybe soon more cheap devices with nfc support.

Broadcom’s quad-combo solution integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio and NFC technologies.
NFC Key Features:
– Support for the ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 21481, ISO/IEC 14443 Types A, B and B’, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) (X) 6319-4, and ISO/IEC 15693 standards.
– Supports multiple secure elements, on SIM cards and embedded chips.

The LG D605 is the new LG Optimus L9 II phone, according to the rumors.
The New LG handset will ship with Android 4.1.2.
Some other specs (rumors/leaks);
4,7 inch 1280X720 HD IPS Display
MSM8230 1.4GHz Dual Core processor
8 and 1,3 MP Cameras
2150 mAh Battery

LG will release this phone end of August/beginning of September 2013. First available in Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Rumania. This info found at www.mylgphones.com, no source is mentioned there and no official information found at time of writing.

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