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Devices with nfc chip available in Japan

Most nfc enabled devices will have hybrid chips (hybrid = FeliCa + NFC enabled). The 560,000 iD terminals in Japan only accept “FeliCa phones”, they don’t accept devices with standard nfc chip. NFC phones are quite useless in Japan yet.
NFC phones, supporting just Felica, are NOT listed on this page.
There may be other (non hybrid) nfc enabled phones available in Japan. See also the list with all enabled handsets.

Fujitsu Arrows ef FJL21
HTC J Butterfly HTL21
Infobar A02
Kyocera Digno S KYL21
LG Optimus G LGL21
Pantech Vega ptl21
Samsung Galaxy S2 ISW11SC
Sharp Aquos phone serie isw16sh
Sharp Aguos phone serie SHL21
Sony Xperia VL SOL21

NFC payments implemented with mini UIM cards to be available overseas “from 2013”.
Fujitsu Arrows X F-02E – will not support nfc payments, according to NTT DoCoMo website.
Fujitsu Arrows V F-04E – will not support nfc payments, according to NTT DoCoMo website.
Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03E – will not support nfc payments, according to NTT DoCoMo website.
Fujitsu Arrows NX F-06E middle June
Fujitsu Disney Mobile F-07E middle July
LG Optimus G pro L-04E
LG Optimus it L-05E end June
NEC Casio Medias X N-06E end June
Panasonic Eluga X P-02E
Panasonic Eluga P P-03E end June
Samsung Galaxy S4 SC-04E – no payments support
Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta SH-02E
Sharp Aquos Phone EX SH-04E
Sharp Aquos Phone Zeta SH-06E
Sharp Aquos Phone si SH-07E end June
Sony Xperia A SO-04E
Sony AX SO-01E
Sony Xperia Z SO-02E

It seems the Japanese samsung galaxy S3 has no NFC chip, not the NTTDoCoMo nor KDDI’s S3 .. Sorry we don’t know why.

latest advances

June ’13; MasterCard announced that it will deploy 410,000 MasterCard PayPass-enabled point of sale terminals throughout Japan over the next three years. PayPass; NFC-based technology for contactless transactions.
To use MasterCard PayPass, just tap the PayPass symbol on the reader at checkout. When you see the green light and hear the beep, your payment has been accepted (from $ x, – with PIN, amount may differ).

Shibuya television, CyberAgent and Toppan Printing announced the “Shibuya clickable project”

stickers with embedded nfc tag in Shibuya
May’13; Stickers with embedded NFC tags provide tourist information or local advertisements. First for locals, later also for foreign tourists. Time and place targeted content for each tag is managed at the backend. At start, about 300 street lampposts in Koen-dori , a part of Tokyo’s Shibuya shopping district will get these stickers. Later, expansion to other district and stickers in shops are planned.
An NFC enabled smartphone is needed to tap the sticker and access the information. Phones with just FeliCa contactless technology can’t read the tag, but QR codes are available for non-NFC mobile phones.
The NFC-based service, an effort to achieve a regional revitalization, will start from early June 2013.
NFC phones available, May 2013;
docomo: GALAXY S II LTE SC-03D/GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D/BlackBerryRBoldTM 9900/GALAXY Note SC-05D/Optimus G pro L-04E/ARROWS X F-02E/Xperia Z SO-02E/ELUGA XP-02E/AQUOS PHONE EX SH-04E/ AQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02E/Xpeira AX SO-01E/ARROWS V F-04E/ARROWS Kiss F-03E/ARROWS TabF-05E/Xperia Tablet ZSO-03E
・softbank: PANTONE® 6 200SH/ARROWS A 201F/AQUOS PHONE Xx 203SH
Source; translated from Japanese press-release.

october ’12; NTT DOCOMO and MasterCard
NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s biggest mobile operator, and MasterCard, announced a global business alliance for contactless payments via compatible DOCOMO smartphones. Aiming at a launch between March and September 2013, the companies will expand DOCOMO’s iD™ mobile credit payment system for acceptance at MasterCard® PayPass™ merchant locations around the world.
DOCOMO’s iD™ mobile credit payment system, Osaifu-Keitai was launched in 2005! Since 2005 many millions of phones with FeliCa chip were sold. The contactless technology is similar, but these “FeliCa phones” are not compatible with NFC.NTT DoCoMo mastercard paypass nfc and felica mobile wallet

New phones enabled for DOCOMO’s iD™ and MasterCard® PayPass™, will have hybrid chips, FeliCa + NFC enabled.
MasterCard’s PayPass will be available to DOCOMO customers using smartphones equipped with a contactless chip for Osaifu Keitai™ (mobile phones with wallet functions) services via near field communication. Through joint collaboration between DOCOMO and MasterCard, DOCOMO customers will be able to make iD-brand payments at MasterCard PayPass merchant locations in 41 countries.
The Sony Xperia™ AX SO-01E and Sharp AQUOS PHONE™ ZETA SH-02E models will be the first phones equipped for this service.
Use of MasterCard PayPass service will require DOCOMO mini UIM card scheduled to be on sale in February 2013, and iD app for MasterCard PayPass scheduled to be updated by September 2013.

october ’12; NTT DOCOMO and KT Corporation
NTT DOCOMO and KT Corporation, a South Korean telecom operator, have agreed to develop a cross-border e-money service that would enable DOCOMO customers with compatible smartphones purchased in Japan to use a prepaid e-money service called “Cashbee” in South Korea. DoCoMo customers need a smartphone with hybrid chip, FeliCa and NFC enabled. Service available between March and September 2013.
Source; NTT DOCOMO press releases

october ’12; KDDI and JAL
Japan Airlines and telco KDDI are expected to launch a service enabling passengers to tap NFC phones to pass through boarding gates. JAL and Nippon Airways offers contactless services for many years using Felica technology.
The JAL Touch & Go NFC service would be soon (october ’12?) available on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (nfc) and the Sharp Aquos Phone Serie ISW16SH (hybrid). Passengers can book and purchase tickets and check in for their flights with their phone. The Touch & Go app will store boarding passes on KDDI’s SIM cards with secure element.
In January ’12, KDDI announced it would launch several services for nfc enabled devices.
There are very few handsets that support NFC in Japan, also very few nfc-enabled payment-terminals in Japan.
Source; nfcTimes

KDDI plans, published jan.2012. “first domestic commercial and mobile NFC services”
Google did the translation. My japanese is not too good 😉 .

category service providers service content
transportation system Japan Airlines Co. customers who purchase, I finished the book in advance seat assignment is one mobile phone NFC, services that can take up to a smooth plane without boarding procedures at the airport. (Scheduled to begin service around the summer of 2012)
electronic money Seven Card Service Co. e-money payment services on mobile phones NFC.
point card membership card Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Hover your NFC mobile phones to shop in around spring of POP 2012, beginning at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA demonstration of services such as video trailer can be seen.
Future, consider using mobile NFC, a non-contact type T service for members.
Bic Corporation every in-store shopping, or earn points, and can be used, which can be used instead of point card services. Simply holding to the terminal at the cash register, point it speedy service are available.
credit Orient Corporation considering a credit card payment by mobile NFC.
Credit Saison Co., Ltd. scheduled to commence payment solutions that utilize mobile NFC services.
Jacks Ltd. hold at the time of accounting, such as cash register, mobile phones NFC, electronic payment is possible.
Expects to achieve commercial issue we conducted experiments at an early stage.
Gift Cards> coupon Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. plan to offer delivery service, which we took advantage of information services and mobile coupons gift cards, smart posters using a mobile phone NFC.
information delivery Tokyu Recreation Co. fused with product sales of goods and provision of information and attention Rankin Rankin hit product, “outgoing fashion shop.”
I simply holding a mobile phone to NFC tags, can be direct access to the twitter of Rankin Rankin. GET topical product information in real time.
Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry
Ubiquitous Computing Technology Co., Ltd.
provision of services in Ginza “Tokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project” project aimed at urban development of universal design Tokyo , promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Ucode tags that have been set up, such as street lights of Ginza, the NFC mobile phone app that introduced “Kokoshiru ® Ginza” smartphone for walking Ginza response (NFC By holding on) Built-tag, shops and other facilities around the toilet, such as tourist information, obtain a variety of information is available. (For details, please visit our website)
Ubiquitous Computing Technology Co., Ltd.
By holding a mobile phone NFC (the built-in tags support NFC) ucode tags that are installed in the Ueno Zoo, obtaining such knowledge and beans more information about animals that are seen in front of the eye is possible. (Scheduled to start later this spring service)
Time Management Ltd. Be Love
E-Works Co., Ltd.
Using reader function of NFC, authentic time clock application for mobile phones NFC.
You can import attendance management software using the communication function, the data using the non-contact IC card of each person having, stamped on a mobile phone NFC.
Does not require a special server or LAN environment, etc., necessary for the development of a common time clock. Time management software is also provided by a download.
cooperative enterprise (company name in alphabetical order) contents of cooperation
Gemalto Ltd. development and technical assistance and other NFC related solutions and UIM card (Note) TSM for mobile phone companies and service providers.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Remote personalized services for mobile phones NFC (mobile credit, membership card mobile, etc.) and the development of NFC applications and UIM card provide.
Offer various solutions for NFC-enabled NFC payment terminal service and R / W support NFC, such as IC tags.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and provision of personalized services to implement writing applications for mobile NFC (payment, membership card, and point) for, promotion planning to expand its use involved.
Net Ltd. alive development and service delivery of the IC reader / writer compatible NFC contactless terminal and grant / electronic money payment terminal point credit card.
ASP services provide input in real stores questionnaires and recommendation using the function “leader”.
TOSHIBA CORPORATION UIM card towards the development of NFC mobile phones available electronic payment, and service providers.
MasterCard Worldwide MasterCard ® PayPass contactless payment scheme that is deployed MasterCard Worldwide. By utilizing PayPass merchants around the world possible.

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  1. Jan

    i bougth the Sony Xperia Z SO-02E but live in the netherlands
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    can i make it work here
    i am kind of desperate

    Model SO-02E
    Bootloader unlock allowed :no
    (x) network unlimited times

    1. Joao Rostli

      Find out if your Japanese phone supports dutch radio frequency.
      Tried a sim from dutch provider?
      Sucses !

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