jan.’12, Handsets certified for VISA PayWave

Handsets with nfc chip certified for VISA PayWave contactless payments

VISA announced that The following NFC-enabled smartphones have been certified for use with Visa’s PayWave, the mobile application for contactless payments.

– Samsung Galaxy SII
– LG Optimus Net
– BlackBerry Bold 9900
– BlackBerry Bold 9790
– BlackBerry Curve 9360
– BlackBerry Curve 9380

(And BlackBerry 9930, 9350, 9370, what seems logical? Sorry, I didn’t find the answer.)

These handsets have been added to the list of Visa compliant payment products available for commercial deployment by financial institutions. These devices certified by Visa, need to host the Visa PayWave application on a secure SIM card and feature Near Field Communication technology.

Monthly updated page with all Visa and Mastercard approved and certified phones.

To participate in a virtual wallet service, you need
– and a cell Phone with enabled nfc chip (The Samsung and LG handsets have nfc chip optional)
– and the specially prepared SIM card with secure element and Visa s PayWave app.
In practice, you will purchase your phone from the participating provider in your country . . or hack your way in the wallet 😉 . I’m just joking. let’s hope that sooner or later everyone can participate in any wallet service. let’s just have a lot of patience, There are many parties involved and a lot of work has still to be done.

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