Google Wallet on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus with a fix

Update; jan.’13, found at androidforums.com, seems important;
“This is a warning to ALL USERS who have currently set up their Google Wallet account to work with their phone, wether on Stock or 3rd party ROMS.
MAKE SURE that you reset the accounts inside the Google Wallet Application before you go into your ClockworkMod Recovery or Team Win Recovery Project or any other 3rd party Recovery partition.
IF YOU DO NOT do this, and then WIPE DATA from the recovery you WILL lock the secure partition of the NFC Chip, and you will be UNABLE to ever access it again (for what we are currently aware of.)”

So far, Google Wallet has only been open to people who have Sprint’s Samsung Nexus S 4G. All of the Google Nexus S variants have the necessary hardware; NFC chip and Secure Element.
Some members of XDA Developers have succeeded to enabled Google Wallet for “non Sprint” Nexus S NFC Phones.
(Not everyone manages to do it)
This is an interesting development because at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon (read ISIS) selling NFC Phones with disabled NFC (Samsung Galaxy S II), seems to be the trend. Why is NFC disabled, customers don’t want it?
No, because AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon earn nothing with it. They think its better to wait for their own ISIS virtual wallet program (spring 2012?).

Now there is a fix for the Google Wallet APK that allows it to work on the Nexus S for T-Mobile and AT&T.
Maybe soon more about the Nexus S outside the USA?

Nate Tyler, a Google spokesman; “If you choose to port Google Wallet to an unsupported device, we can’t guarantee your payment information will be safe.”
Google Wallet secures your financial information through MasterCard PayPass; essentially this stores encrypted payment card credentials on the Secure Element, which Google describes as a “separate computer” capable of running programs and storing data.

Installation Instruction:
1) download your rom and gapps
2) download attached zip for google wallet
3) do a full backup! Just incase
4) make sure all files are on your phone
5) reboot into recovery
6) do a full wipe
7) install rom and kernal if you have one
8 ) flash google wallet zip
9) flash gapps
10) reboot
11) sign into google accound
12) open google wallet (may force close first time)
13) set it up or restart phone

As a reward, you get the free $10 to start just like on Sprint 😉 . Good luck!

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