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Latest visa news

Until last month; “All the devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave app on a secure SIM card and feature Near Field Communication technology.”
Now; “List of mobile products that have been found compliant by Visa.”
– NEW; Phones with embedded Secure Element in Visa’s list! (a few with NXP’s SE, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 with an Oberthur SE.) Uhh, the Samsung SPH-D806 Gal. S4 was on the list, after 24 hours it isn’t anymore. Must remain secret ..?
– The BlackBerry Q10 in the list, with OS 10.1.
– Code numbers for HTC ONE phones.
– A few unidentified LG devices.
– A Samsung GT-i8240 added, I didn’t found a name for him.
– Sony Xperia SP and L phones in the list. Also some devices with Huashan Gina, Rex and Rita names. As always a bit confusing, codenames, code numbers and marketing names.
– Kyocera Hydro Elite, this nfc enabled handset is only for the USA.

A very quiet start of 2013

1º Approved phones, need to be “authorized to be listed” by the vendor.
2º Sometimes, Visa and MasterCard don’t update their lists for many weeks.
O.k., what did we see in the first months of this year?
– Samsung Gal. S4 not in list yet, see 1º and 2º above.
– BlackBerry Z10 listed, Q10 not yet.
HTC ONE, embedded and SIM-based secure element approved, for Sprint, ISIS and other countries.
– Several Samsung Odyssey, Windows 8 phones in the list.
– LG Optimus G mentioned for Claro Brazil trial.
LG Optimus L5 II and L7 II in the list, I’m still not sure if the nfc chip is optional.
– Nokia “RM-860“, USA only. Rumor; a high-end device (Lumia 920 variety?) for Verizon.
– Sony 6502, 6503, 6506, 6602 and 6603 are Xperia Z / ZL phones.

New NFC Phones, Carriers and Countries mentioned in Mastercard’s list

In November, Visa added very few to their list. The Samsung Galaxy S3 “HCB”, does anyone know what the Gal.S3 HCB is?

Mastercard was very active, and that list expanded significantly;
Canada / Rogers, Telus, Bell, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, Videotron are mentioned for the first time.
HTC Windows Phone 8X SWP, approved for Europe, ISIS, US, Canada, Australia ..
– Motorola, Pantech and Philips (CIS=USSR region?) entered Mastercard’s list.
– Several announced Japanese hybrid phones (Felica and NFC) are approved.
– Samsung Odyssey, windows 8 phone in the list, where is the Ativ S?
– All Nokia Lumia phones with nfc chip in the list.
Sony keeps changing codes and names, finally clear which is which without playing inspector 😉 .
Google wallet, now at Sprint, Virgin, US celular and MetroPCS.
Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, HTC one X and the Xperia T are the only 4 phones with embedded SE approved for Google wallet outside the USA. There is not much visible progress here, keep hope if you’re waiting for Google wallet.

First mobile phone approved for Google Wallet UK / Europe!

google wallet accepted here

Sept.’12; After many rumors for almost a year, we have a/more proof that Google Wallet is coming to the UK and Europe.
The HTC One X is the first handset, approved for Google Wallet for the UK / European market. See certified phones page.
So, the Quick Tap mobile wallet in the UK will soon have a competitor?
The Quick Tap service recently made a “new start” with the Samsung Galaxy S3. During a long year the Samsung Tocco Lite was the only handset supporting Quick Tap. (I thought the plug was pulled out 😉 )

Google Wallet now at 3 US carriers

After Sprint and Virgin, Google Wallet now approved for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE at ..US Cellular! Sorry, but Google Wallet at AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, will not happen so soon yet. source; mastercard

Mobile wallet usage doubled in six weeks

Google Wallet usage has doubled in the first six weeks since Google wallet moved to the cloud. The cloud-based version supports all credit and debit cards from American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Source; googlecommerce.blogspot


Visa only approves handsets that host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card (removable UICC). Google Wallet only uses mobile devices with an embedded secure element. So, Visa’s list doesn’t include phones for Google Wallet.
Unfortunately, Visa gives no information at all about supported wallets.

Mobile wallets worldwide

Google wallet gets the most attention, but it’s not the only mobile wallet service out there.
In Mastercard’s list also approved handsets with SIM based secure element. We find devices certified for ISIS (AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon), KDDI Japan and Turkcell’s mobile wallet. Many smartphones in the list are approved for “any” wallet and for “global” market.

Jelly Bean

One more thing about all Mastercard certified Android 4 ICS devices. Allready approved android ICS phones now also certified for 4.1 Jelly Bean O.S..
No android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices in Visa’s list yet.

Update oct.4;


Heee, Visa listed the Intel Noonhill, must be the successor of the Intel Medfield phone? Or.. just a name for the Orange Medfield phones? Or.. a name for the upgraded Orange Medfield ICS 4 phones? Google just tells me that we find the Noon Hill in Medfield, Massachusetts..

NFC enabled Pantechs and the NEC Casio C811 smartphone on its way to the USA.

The NFC enabled Phones list and the certified phones list, both grow very very fast.
I update them daily.
Google wallet in cloud for mobile and contactless payments

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