First combo chip with nfc from Broadcom

Broadcom Launches First combo Chip with NFC

broadcom combo with nfc controller chip

Two new chips with nfc controller

Broadcom launches the first certified quad-combo wireless connectivity chip, industry’s first quad-combo chip with NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio technologies.
For high-end/highly-mobile devices a single card solution is launched. It combines Broadcom’s 5G WiFi combo chip with its standalone NFC.

With or without Apple and with or without payments, in a few more years there are a few Billion devices with nfc chip. Not just phones, more and more other electronics will have one on board.
I don’t like predictions, but every day new designs with nfc, and soon these phones will not fit anymore on one webpage.
The chips are made and all phone manufacturers except one, put them in the phones. If we like it or not.

This happened in a few months time, and Broadcom scheduled very well, I think.

  • Dec.11 ’12 – Broadcom launched Industry’s first quad-combo chip with NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio technologies, full production expected in Q1 2013.

Wow, expected in the next months, that’s very soon. Broadcom’s standalone chip appeared in the Nexus 4, a year after announcement.

  • Best Buy Co, Inc.

The combo Chip

The BCM43341 quad-combo chip supports multiple secure elements with an interface to support all available payment systems. Broadcom’s software supports multiple operating systems, implements NFC Forum specifications, and includes an NCI (nfc controller interface). The quad-combo is designed for mass market devices.

Single Card Solution

The single solution on a card integrates a 5G WiFi combo chip with the BCM20793 NFC chip. NFC to simplify wireless transfer. Just tap to start a high speed WiFi connection. Think of HD video between 2 smartphones and what about watching that video on an nfc enabled smart TV, just with a tap.
NFC pairs fast, but the transfer rate is low (and you don’t want to hold your phone half an hour against the TV 😉 ).

Source; Broadcom press release

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