Firm claims it can put NFC in a SIM card

Firm claims it can put NFC in a SIM card

Whats new? The most used method at the moment is; NFC chip, SWP, radio, antenna in the Phone and secure element in the SIM-card.
SK Telecom announced the launch of a SIM-card with, not only the secure element, but also NFC chip, radio and antenna in the SIM-card. The company claims with this SIM-card, NFC will work on any Phone.

No proof and no technical explanation of how they solved this, where many others have failed.
The problem has always been getting the radio signal out of the SIM and into the world. The NFC standard demands that the chip is powered by the induction coil in the reader (so it works when the phone’s battery is dead); it’s not just a matter of getting the low-power 13.75MHz radio signal out of the phone, but also getting enough induced power in.

If it really works then it is an important development, and one that could spur NFC deployments. This SIM-card is announced for oktober 2011, so soon we will see if it’s all true. (theregister.co.uk)

update; The technology is not compatible with Apple’s iOS platform because iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 use micro SIM cards which are smaller than the regular card. This limits the space needed to embed the antenna, NFC chip and USIM chip.

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