finland nfc enabled mobile phones and newsFirst, a special welcome for the fast growing group Finnish visitors. All nokia employees?, just joking my friends. I quickly decided to create a page Finland. You have a beautiful language. but if you can not read Finnish….
So, if something is not right, just let me know. We do the best we can.
It seems, the Nokia C7, Oro and N9 don’t have a secure element or SWP. Nokia said, their  handsets with NFC can be enabled for payments in 2012. So, secure payments will never be  possible with the C7 and N9. But . . never say never.
Maybe there comes some local initiative with stickers. Another option can be an AIO NFC-SIM-card. Some firms have announced that it can embed a contactless chip, secure element and antenna into SIM cards.
With these solutions any mobile phone could be a virtual wallet and make contactless payments.
Update; Some mobile payment systems like pagseguro (Brazil), do not store creditcard info on your handset. These systems make Contactless NFC payments possible without secure element on your Mobile Phone with NFC chip.

TV on Mobile Phone operaattori DNA ELISA SONERA
Asus Padfone 2 x  x
 Windows phone 8X
 Samsung S4 Active x  x
Samsung Gal. S2+ x
Samsung Gal. S2 x
Samsung Gal. S4 x x  x
 Samsung Ativ S x  x  x
Samsung Gal. S3 mini  x nfc? nfc?
 Samsung Gal. Note 2  x  x  x
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2  x
Samsung  Galaxy S3  x  x  x
Galaxy Nexus x
Samsung NEXUS S x
 Nokia Lumia 620  x  x  x
 Nokia Lumia 720  x  x  x
 Nokia Lumia 820  x x  x
Nokia Lumia 920 x  x  x
Nokia Lumia 925 x x  x
 Nokia 808 pureview  x x
Nokia C7 x x
 Nokia N9  x  x  x
 Nokia 700  x  x  x
 Nokia 701  x  x
Sonu Xperia ZR x
 Sony Xperia Z  x x x
 Sony Xperia V  x
 Sony Xperia S  x
Sony Acro S  x

Elisa Lompakko payment sticker

August ’12; From mid-September 2012, more than 100.000 students will be able to pay for lunch at many student cafeterias via the Elisa Lompakko service. In addition to student cafeterias, contactless payments can be made via the service in other locations that use NFC payment technology.
(The payment sticker is accepted around the world)

The Elisa Lompakko nfc sticker is a quick way of making small payments of up to EUR 25. Payments are made by touching a reader with a mobile phone that carries a payment sticker compatible with the MasterCard PayPass™ technology. Payment stickers will be issued free of charge to Lyyra student card holders from the end of September until the end of 2012.

In the Elisa Lompakko service, users can create online payment cards with validity periods and payment limits of their choice. Users can easily upload funds to the Elisa Lompakko service and online payment cards via online and mobile user interfaces, which also allow for money transfers among users. Identification takes place via mobile certificates, which makes the Elisa Lompakko service as safe as traditional payment cards.

The service is compatible with all operators’ subscriptions.
With Elisa Lompakko, you can:
– Make purchases using a payment sticker attached to your phone.
– Check your account balance.
– Make secure online purchases using an online payment card and a mobile certificate.

In the early stages, the use of Elisa Lompakko requires that a payment sticker be attached to the mobile phone. In the next development stage, the contactless payment application will be included in the SIM card, which will make the stickers unnecessary.
source; Elisa Press Release

Tram Stop Wall pilot, The Pysäkkiseinä, Helsinki Finland

Nov.’12; Helsinki Region Transport (HRT), Nokia, Metro and Forum Virium Helsinki are collecting experiences about the use of NFC technology in public transport. Hansaprint’s TagAge service provided tram-stop-wall stickers that include embedded individually programmed NFC tags. The special stickers are extremely resistant to outdoor conditions and feature BullsEye NFC tags provided by SMARTRAC.
Until the end of November 2012, NFC technology has been tested on 211 covered tram stops in Helsinki.
The nfc tags; 1 – allows passengers to easily order tram tickets and
2 – connect to the virtual messaging wall. All you need to do is hold a device with nfc chip close to the tag on the tram stop wall. The tags takes you to the www.pysakkiseina.fi site, which features messaging walls where tram passengers can post their thoughts.
tram stop tagage nfc tags in helsinki finland
“individually programmed tag pairs were provided for each of the 211 covered tram stops in Helsinki. When you hold an NFC-compatible phone close to the first tag, a complete text message for ordering a ticket appears on the screen. All you need to do then is confirm the delivery of the message. The next tag opens the tram-line-specific Pysäkkiseinä view. Thanks to the individual programming of the tags, the utilisation rates for each stop are logged into the system.” (tagage.net)

“The continuation of the project will require significantly more funds than the pilot. The opportunity to download videos and images could possibly be added to the Pysäkkiseinä service. Linking the service to information regarding deviations from the tram timetable is also an option. In the future, NFC technology could be used to check how much time or money is remaining on a travel card. Or maybe, instead of the current travel card, tickets will be downloaded onto NFC phones.” (HRT)

Other Hansaprint Tagage NFC tags in Finland; Covered bus stops in the Oulu region (approx. 250)
Source; Tagage.net

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