Certified Phones

Visa PayWave and Mastercard PayPass certified NFC enabled smartphones


Mastercard approves devices with embedded SE (secure element) and/or SWP (single wire protocol) for Paypass application using SE on a SIM card.

VISA (on page 2)

List of mobile products that have been found compliant by Visa. Unfortunately no information about supported mobile wallets in Visa’s list.
Regular visitors will miss my homemade tables, Mastercard and Visa side by side on 1 page. Unfortunately it was no longer possible to continue that way. Now png images of original PDF pages. Separated on 2 pages, to avoid a very heavy page to load.

mastercard approved nfc phones

MasterCard dec_Pagina_02

MasterCard dec_Pagina_03

MasterCard dec_Pagina_04

MasterCard dec_Pagina_05

MasterCard dec_Pagina_06

MasterCard dec_Pagina_07

MasterCard dec_Pagina_08

MasterCard dec_Pagina_09

MasterCard dec_Pagina_10

MasterCard dec_Pagina_11

MasterCard dec_Pagina_12

MasterCard dec_Pagina_13

MasterCard dec_Pagina_14

MasterCard dec_Pagina_15

MasterCard dec_Pagina_16

MasterCard dec_Pagina_17

MasterCard dec_Pagina_18

MasterCard dec_Pagina_19

MasterCard dec_Pagina_20

MasterCard dec_Pagina_21

MasterCard dec_Pagina_22

On page 2; Visa Mobile Compliant Products List

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