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Samsung handsets with Near Field Communication technology. Some / many mobile phones with optional NFC chip !

Samsung “patches” sharing, is this we were waiting for?

Samsung windows ATIV Beam app for android

Samsung released the “ATIV Beam” app. This article is about sharing data; NFC technology enhancing the user experience of applications that use the Bluetooth technology. Device to device, NOT about stickers or payments. NFC selects (simplifies the discovery process) and securely connects (simplifies the process of authenticated pairing) to a Bluetooth device. The pairing is …

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Top smartphones in 2013 with NFC

Xperia Z

NFC (or Near Field Communication)is opening up new possibilities for mobile applications. While the term which was unheard of few years ago, it’s now finding its place in almost all of the smartphones. And, it is proving to immensely useful allowing contactless payments, sharing of files, etc. between NFC enabled devices, working as a loyalty …

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Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung galaxy mega 63 with nfc chip

Big screen for a mega viewing experience And NFC for contactless experiences!   The Mega 6.3 design is the same as the galaxy s4. The 720p HD lower screen resolution is noticeable. (We don’t talk about the 5.8 inch Mega non-nfc phone here.) Samsung and NFC; – The Galaxy S4 got a Broadcom controller chip, …

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Samsung Galaxy S4

Nexus 4 with broadcom 20793 nfc controller chip on Anandtech photo

Galaxy S4, first with a new Broadcom nfc controller chip? Samsung’s “traditional” plastic body design and very nice hardware specifications. As every new high-end device, it’s a bit bigger and faster. The Samsung GS4 is especially more. More features, more apps, more options. Enough to sell tens of millions of it? Well, Samsung is a …

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New Samsung phones with Visa nfc contactless payments app

Samsung partners with Visa

New Samsung NFC phones preloaded with Visa contactless payments app, globally! Samsung Android nfc phones Visa and Samsung have agreed to work together to accelerate the availability of contactless nfc payments. The Visa payWave app will be preloaded on selected Samsung nfc enabled handsets with an embedded secure element. Press-release; “The Visa payWave mobile applet …

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Samsung Galaxy Express

samsung galaxy express with nfc chip at ATT

NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy Express at ATT A handset with mid-range specs for those who don’t need/want the latest high-end phone. The Samsung Galaxy Express has an NFC chip, you can read / write NFC tags and share with the Beam NFC app. It’s approved by VISA and Mastercard, probably soon an “ISIS ready” phone …

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Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

Samsung rugby pro rugged and nfc enabled for AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro + nfc Rugged and NFC, the Samsung Galaxy Rugby pro, 1 phone, 2 niches. For your business, enterprise or tough outdoor life. Not much competition if you need rugged and nfc. See all these tough / business devices. Durable Design for Rugged Outdoor Use Built to withstand some of the toughest …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

Samsung Galaxy s3 mini with nfc chip android jelly bean smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is a compact version of the flagship smartphone. Not everyone needs or wants the most powerful smartphone and some people just prefer a somewhat smaller 4 inch device. The Galaxy S3 mini has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, a WVGA AMOLED screen and android 4.1 …

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Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

nfc enabled Samsung Galaxy S Relay with keyboard at t-mobile

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G The Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, Exclusive at T-Mobile. A long time ago he appeared in Visa’s list, approved for use with Visa payWave. The name was Galaxy S Blaze Q. Two samsung blaze phones is confusing, So this one is called the Relay. It has an NFC chip, soon …

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Samsung Galaxy Victory + nfc

NFC enabled Samsung galaxy victory LTE at Sprint

NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy Victory Samsung Galaxy Victory™ 4G LTE at Sprint USA. This budget smartphone took me by surprise. NFC chip and enabled for Google Wallet, but he didn’t appear in Mastercard’s or Visa’s list with approved phones .. ? A bit strange. Update; He’s in the list, Mastercard was a little late updating …

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Samsung ATIV S + nfc announced

Samsung Ativ S nfc enabled windows 8 phone

Samsung ATIV S with NFC chip Samsung ATIV S with NFC technology, and nowhere the word optional. Everybody surprised, Samsung announced the first Windows 8 phone before Nokia. Samsung introduces “ATIV”, the new brand for its Windows-based devices. – 1.5 GHz dual-core processor – 4.8 inch (121.9mm ) HD Super AMOLED – Windows Phone 8 …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 + nfc

NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 nfc NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy Note II, forget the optional, NFC chip for all Note 2 devices! Wow, first a shock, not a word about NFC from Samsung, at the IFA in Berlin. Nothing on the video, nothing in the press release. Other websites can misinform about NFC, but I can’t. …

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Samsung Galaxy R Style NFC

Samsung Galaxy R style (SHV-E170S K L) NFC enable, for Korea

Samsung Galaxy R style NFC Samsung Galaxy R style (SHV-E170S/K/L) NFC enabled, for the 3 Korean networks. Naming strategy; Galaxy R (Royal) means state-of-the-art features for high-end consumers who prefer premium smartphones. Samsung writes about consistent naming, so all next Samsung handsets with an R in the name will be high-end devices ?? Specifications a …

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Samsung Galaxy S 3 NFC

Samsung galaxy s 3 nfc enabled handset

Samsung Galaxy S III NFC Finally, Samsung introduced the long-awaited Galaxy S III, with NFC technology for mobile payments. Expected to support Visa PayWave, the contactless payment app. on SIM-cards. The Galaxy S III will be Samsung’s official Olympics smartphone. Let’s see if the athletes can pay with a wave in July in London. 1e; …

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G NFC

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G NFC Cheers, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G comes with NFC chip, and this time not the word optional. Not the latest, the fastest, the biggest or the thinnest. With Android SmartPhones, it’s always the case that there’s something better announced, coming soon .. . The Galaxy S Blaze is …

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance NFC optional

galaxy s advance samsung nfc chip handset

Samsung Galaxy S Advance The Galaxy S Advance is one more handset with optional nfc. Optional is actually no surprise, this is Samsung’s politics with almost all handsets at the moment. FCC approval should mean an oncoming release in the US ?. Although the Galaxy S Advance is shipping with Android 2.3, it is likely …

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Galaxy Mini 2 NFC optional

Samsung GALAXY mini2 optional NFC handset

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 The successor of the low-cost Galaxy Mini has optional NFC. When and where with NFC ? No info yet. So we keep it short now. We update this page if this handset shows up with NFC. 800 Mhz processor 3.27 inch touchscreen Android 2.3 optional NFC ( with NFC 0,3 mm …

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Galaxy Ace 2 NFC optional

Samsung GALAXY Ace2 optional NFC handset

Galaxy Ace 2 The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has optional NFC. Successor of the low-cost Galaxy Ace. We don’t see him often (usually no information whether the chip is inside). Model number = GT-I8160P, P = nfc, no p means no nfc. 3.8-inch screen 800MHz dual core processor Android 2.3 Gingerbread GPS optional NFC Mastercard …

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus NFC, availability and other info

Samsung Galaxy Nexus NFC The successor of the Nexus S. The Near Field Communication solution (NXP PN65N chip) used in the Nexus S will now be used on the Galaxy Nexus. That means an embedded secure element and SWP. So this handset is very suitable for Google Wallet. Compared to a few other phones, the …

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Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE HD / SHV-E120L

Samsung SHV-E120L / Galaxy S2 LTE HD   One more from the category leaked/rumor. NFC enabled handset. Guess for which market… of course the Korean! Later this month? That’s in the next days! (sept.2011) Other countries?…… nobody knows yet.   update march 12; “the HD variant will be available on all three Korean carriers; SK …

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Samsung Galaxy Note NFC enabled, when and where

samsung galaxy note nfc chip att

Samsung Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 2 page The world’s first 5.3” HD Super AMOLED display, provides you with an expansive high-resolution screen for an immersive viewing experience. NFC is optional. Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) does not support nfc, but with extra “middleware” Samsung can enable nfc on Gingerbread devices with nfc chip. Update March ’12; …

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Wave Y with NFC and LaFleur edition

Samsung Wave Y handset with optional nfc

Samsung Wave Y NFC The Wave Y is a low-end bada O.S. Phone with optional NFC chip. “The perfect device to introduce new users to the world of smartphone experiences. With a stylish metallic hairline body and large 3.2” HVGA screen, new users can take their first steps to mobile social networking with Social Hub …

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Wave M with optional NFC chip

Samsung Wave M handset with optional nfc

Samsung Wave M NFC The Wave M is a mid-range Phone with optional NFC and Bada 2 O.S.. “This handset allows users to keep up-to-date with their hectic social lives with ChatON and Social Hub. With a wide 3.65” HVGA screen made from tempered glass and a metallic body, the Wave M lets users stay …

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Samsung S5260P / Player city / Star 2

This is an entry level NFC phone. The Samsung City Player is powered by the MIDP 2.1 platform with a Dolphin browser. Player City available in France, Star 2 NFC in other European countrys.   PROS: bluetooth 3 NFC design satisfied users CONS: no 3G band intern memory       SPECIFICATIONS Caractéristiques principales * …

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Samsung Galaxy S2 (plus), NFC chip optional

Samsung Galaxy S2 Update; Info and specs added about GS2 +, the latest version also includes an optional nfc chip, further down under the video. Galaxy S2 nfc Phones with / without, enabled / disabled  chip. (Until now, aug.2011, NFC-enabled only spotted in South Korea) The Galaxy S2 with NFC soon in the US (AT&T, …

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Samsung Google Nexus S

nfc enabled Samsung-Google-Nexus-S

The first widely available and easily obtainable NFC phone! With a contract and retail! PROS: Vanilla Android 2.3 NFC capable Front facing camera for video chat fast Super AMOLED display VOIP capability WiFi hotspot capability CONS: no Swype keyboard no removable storage update dec.16; The Samsung Nexus S, begins receiving (ota) the Android 4.0 Ice …

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Samsung SHW-A170K

Korea ‘s first handset equipped with NFC or Near Field Communication technology. KT unveiled the SHW-A170K, which sports NFC technology and uses NFC compatible USIM. Launched in 2010, the SHW-A170K is a touch screen handset to meet the needs of the Korean market. The SHW-A170K enables users to make secure payments of purchases through the …

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Samsung S5780 / Wave 578

Wave 578 * 3.2 inch 262K colours WQVGA TFT LCD screen * bada 1.1 platform with 455MHz processor * NFC technology * Quicktype by t9 Trace and Handwriting Recognition (English and Simplified Chinese) * Social Hub (basic), Picsel File Viewer and Smart Search PROS: NFC talk time (according to Samsung) easy music player CONS: apps …

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