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News related to NFC enabled phones. About nfc-tags, P2P, mobile wallets, contactless payments. Country-specific news also on the country-pages. ISIS news on USA page, Quick tap info on UK page, Cityzi news on France page etc. etc.

LG D605 phone with new Broadcom BCM43341 quad-combo (+ nfc) chip

LG Optimus L9 II is the very first with Broadcom’s new quad-combo chip? A Visa PDF lists the LG D605 smartphone with the new Broadcom quad-combo chip. Hard to say if this LG phone is the very first with this chip, let’s say, one of the first. A large majority of phones with Bluetooth and …

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Samsung “patches” sharing, is this we were waiting for?

Samsung windows ATIV Beam app for android

Samsung released the “ATIV Beam” app. This article is about sharing data; NFC technology enhancing the user experience of applications that use the Bluetooth technology. Device to device, NOT about stickers or payments. NFC selects (simplifies the discovery process) and securely connects (simplifies the process of authenticated pairing) to a Bluetooth device. The pairing is …

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Top smartphones in 2013 with NFC

Xperia Z

NFC (or Near Field Communication)is opening up new possibilities for mobile applications. While the term which was unheard of few years ago, it’s now finding its place in almost all of the smartphones. And, it is proving to immensely useful allowing contactless payments, sharing of files, etc. between NFC enabled devices, working as a loyalty …

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Casio G’zOne CA-201L with ST NFC controller chip

STMicroelectronics another nfc controller chip supplier logo

CASIO (NEC) G’zOne CA-201L, first smartphone with an ST NFC controller chip One press release,  a new nfc phone and a new nfc controller chip supplier. Two birds with one stone. No available in 6 months bla bla. The phone and the chip, are here and now. Uhh … for the Koreans. The Casio G’zOne CA-201L is …

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Samsung Galaxy S4

Nexus 4 with broadcom 20793 nfc controller chip on Anandtech photo

Galaxy S4, first with a new Broadcom nfc controller chip? Samsung’s “traditional” plastic body design and very nice hardware specifications. As every new high-end device, it’s a bit bigger and faster. The Samsung GS4 is especially more. More features, more apps, more options. Enough to sell tens of millions of it? Well, Samsung is a …

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New Samsung phones with Visa nfc contactless payments app

Samsung partners with Visa

New Samsung NFC phones preloaded with Visa contactless payments app, globally! Samsung Android nfc phones Visa and Samsung have agreed to work together to accelerate the availability of contactless nfc payments. The Visa payWave app will be preloaded on selected Samsung nfc enabled handsets with an embedded secure element. Press-release; “The Visa payWave mobile applet …

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Mediatek MT6605 nfc chip with “Beam Plus”?

New Mediatek nfc chip with Beam Plus for mainstream phones It’s Jan.8, everybody looking at the CES in Las Vegas but this news comes from Taiwan, the other side of the world. First nfc solution supporting 3 Secure Elements The headline of the press release; “World’s 1st 3-SWP (Single Wire Protocol) NFC Solution for Adoption …

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First combo chip with nfc from Broadcom

broadcom combo with nfc controller chip

Broadcom Launches First combo Chip with NFC Two new chips with nfc controller Broadcom launches the first certified quad-combo wireless connectivity chip, industry’s first quad-combo chip with NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and FM radio technologies. For high-end/highly-mobile devices a single card solution is launched. It combines Broadcom’s 5G WiFi combo chip with its standalone NFC. With …

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Qualcomm nfc controller chip announced

qualcom NFC controller chip qca 1990 for 2013 announced

Phones with Qualcomm nfc controller chip in 2013   Not really a surprise, Qualcomm announced it’s nfc chips. In the second half of 2013 we can expect mobile phones with their nfc chips. When a phone is announced, it’s available next week. When a chip is announced, it’s available next year. The worst… no info …

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new Broadcom NFC chip, the consequences

broadcom nfc controller chips in google nexus 4 mobile phones

First android phone with Broadcom NFC chip The Google Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 JB O.S., has a Broadcom nfc chip inside. Google has chosen to use Broadcom’s BCM20793 nfc controller chip in the Nexus 4 made by LG. To date, practically all nfc enabled android phones used NXP’s nfc chips. All BlackBerrys and the …

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Rugged / Business phones

cmii entry level handset with nfc technology for enterprise

rugged handsets for your business or your tough life Tough phones with NFC chip, is like a niche in a niche. They fit on one page and are the most diverse devices. For an enterprise not always tough devices are needed and robust devices are not only for enterprise or business. We see known brands …

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Japan adds NFC

NTT DoCoMo mastercard paypass nfc and felica mobile wallet

News and info about NFC phones in Japan Devices with nfc chip available in Japan Most nfc enabled devices will have hybrid chips (hybrid = FeliCa + NFC enabled). The 560,000 iD terminals in Japan only accept “FeliCa phones”, they don’t accept devices with standard nfc chip. NFC phones are quite useless in Japan yet. …

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About Visa, Mastercard, Google and other Wallets

Google wallet in cloud for mobile and contactless payments

Google and other mobile Wallets expanding Latest visa news Until last month; “All the devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave app on a secure SIM card and feature Near Field Communication technology.” Now; “List of mobile products that have been found compliant by Visa.” – NEW; Phones with embedded Secure Element in Visa’s …

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NFC News_

august ’12, first 5 NFC enabled mobile phones approved for ISIS mobile wallet

5 NFC enabled handsets approved for ISIS mobile wallet. An overview from Mastercard, shows 5 nfc enabled smartphones approved for ISIS mobile virtual wallet. Also information about the carrier; HTC one X – AT&T HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE – Verizon HTC Amaze 4G – T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 – AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Samsung …

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NFC tags; about Tectiles, SmartTags, Tag+, Mifare and much more

A question or problem about some tag type ?
Take a look at the page about nfc tags. Samsung Tectiles, Sony smartTags, Mifare, LG Tag+, anti-metal, NTAG203, stickers, key fobs, chips ect. For Android, Windows, BlackBerry and other O.S.. Tips, how to’s and much more. About everything and everyone except the iphone . visit nfc-tags page

Google, ISIS and soon Sprint ‘s “Touch” NFC Mobile Wallet ?

Google ISIS Touch NFC Mobile Wallet

Sprint to launch “Touch” NFC Mobile Wallet in Q3 2012 ? According to NFC Times, Sprint plans to launch its own NFC Mobile wallet later this year. Sprint is the only U.S. mobile carrier partnering with Google Wallet … The NFC Mobile wallet “Touch” is likely to support both NFC and cloud-based applications. Sprint is …

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Certified Phones

Mastercard and Visa approved devices with embedded SE and/or SWP for Paypass and PayWave applications.

infographic: how NFC can change our world

NFC enabled smartphones can change our world

infographic: how NFC can change our world “to introduce you to some of our ideas” how you can use your SmartPhone with NFC – Your Phone is your Wallet – Pay the Tickets – Unlock the car – Obtain extra information – Get mobile coupon via smart poster – Store your medical record source; Orange-Business.com

jan.’12, Handsets certified for VISA PayWave

Handsets with nfc chip certified for VISA PayWave contactless payments VISA announced that The following NFC-enabled smartphones have been certified for use with Visa’s PayWave, the mobile application for contactless payments. – Samsung Galaxy SII – LG Optimus Net – BlackBerry Bold 9900 – BlackBerry Bold 9790 – BlackBerry Curve 9360 – BlackBerry Curve 9380 …

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NFC Phones list, all available handsets

all smartphones with nfc chip worldwide in 1 list

Complete list with all mobile phones with nfc chip (to big for 1 page) A and B C to G H to J K and L M and N O and P Samsung S T to Z Explanation Practically all phones can read and write tags, but phones with a non NXP controller chip do …

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Android Beam presented

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android Beam presented. The new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System was presented today by Google and Samsung  together with the Galaxy nexus. The Galaxy Nexus is the first Phone with Android 4.0.   Android 4.0 will be released in November, but the SDK is available now for developers. Lets start building apps. No details …

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RIM announced BlackBerry tag, NFC-based sharing app

NFC Phones bump tap

RIM announced a new NFC-based sharing app called BlackBerry Tag. BlackBerry Tag will allow users to share contact information, documents, links, photos, music and other media content by simply tapping their BlackBerry NFC Phones together. BlackBerry Tag will also enable users to instantly add one another as contacts on BBM  (BlackBerry Messenger). BlackBerry users of …

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Google Wallet on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus with a fix

Update; jan.’13, found at androidforums.com, seems important; “This is a warning to ALL USERS who have currently set up their Google Wallet account to work with their phone, wether on Stock or 3rd party ROMS. MAKE SURE that you reset the accounts inside the Google Wallet Application before you go into your ClockworkMod Recovery or …

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NFC Phones buying/warning guide

In my city, local buses use NFC technology, and soon my bank starts a virtual wallet service for NFC enabled handsets. To participate all the available NFC based services, I buy that fancy NFC Phone on sale this week? People have this kind of questions. Just looking at the list of all available NFC Phones …

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NFC News__

Payfirma Launches Canada’s First Blackberry Mobile Payment App

Payfirma Launches Canada’s First Blackberry Mobile Payment App Blackberry users can now swipe and accept credit cards right on their phones as Payfirma continues to roll out mobile payment applications designed for Canadians by Canadians The Company is proud to announce the release of its Blackberry Mobile Payment App for Canadian merchants to accept credit …

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Nexus S gets Google Wallet via Android 2.3.7 update

The Google Nexus S Phones of Sprint can be updated to Android 2.3.7. While other Android users are just getting 2.3.4, the Nexus S 4G is ready for Android 2.3.7 which has been recently released by Google. To take advantage of the Android 2.3.7 update, all you have to do is update your NFC Phone …

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NFC Phone and TV

Social applications between phones and a tv using nfc A few demonstrations showing how NFC-equipped phones and televisions can work together. This was posted at www mobisocial.stanford.edu. Personally I find this very interesting.  I  made no summary so you can read (almost) everything here. “Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an NFC-equipped television. Instead, we’ve stuck …

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Microsoft productivity apps to all Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones by end of this year

Microsoft productivity apps to all Nokia Symbian Belle smartphones by end of this year Nokia today announced forthcoming updates to its Symbian Belle operating system that turn the latest range of smartphones into a mobile office for any business. The free updates, called Microsoft® Apps, deliver a suite of Microsoft productivity applications to compatible Nokia …

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