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Searched for ” available NFC Phones “?  For the real lists, just use the menu available from all of my webpages. This post is about suggestions for a new list of available NFC Phones.  Only a few websites have such a list available in the virtual world. It seems on NFC-Phones.org we have the most updated list of all available NFC Phones. Not many searches for the keywords ” available NFC Phones “. You as our visiter have a suggestion? You want a list by O.S.; Windows, BlackBerry, bada, symbian, android NFC Phones ? List by screensize / pixels? Relatively few NFC Phones available at the moment, but perhaps an interesting idea for next year.

Next year?, new NFC Phones announced / launched almost every day. Blackberry announced the 9350 / 9360 and 9370, Nokia announced the 600, 700 and 701, Samsung announced the Wave M and Wave Y, Fujitsu announced the F 09C F 10C and F 11C. All in about one week. Updating every list takes quite a lot of time, best for me to think about that too. On the other hand, for your ranking in google its good if you’re the first with something new. For now, I will add more countrys to the list. Seems most useful for most visitors.
But.. if you have an idea about available NFC Phones list by …….., just tell me! At least, I can put in on my long to-do list 😉 .

Use of NFC Phone only at the end, but this is just funny.
A Barclay commercial, British humor.

AT&T Free Phone

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