australia phones with nfc chip and related news

NFC Phones in Australia

TV on Mobile Phone CARRIER Optus Telstra Vodafone
BlackBerry Q10 x x
 BlackBerry Z10 x  x  x
BlackBerry 9900 x x x
BlackBerry 9360
HTC ONE x x x
 HTC Windows 8X  x
 HTC ONE SV  x  x
 HTC ONE X / XL  x  x  x
Huawei Sonic U8650
LG opt. F5 x
 LG Prada  x
 Motorola Razr M  x
Motorola Razr HD x
Nokia Lumia 925 x x
Nokia Lumia 720 x
 Nokia Lumia 820 x  x
 Nokia Lumia 920  x
Nokia N9 x x x
Nokia C7
Nokia 700
Nokia 701
Gal. S4 Active x
 Gal. S4 mini  x  x  x
Gal. S4 x  x  x
Gal. Expres x x
 Gal. Note 2 x  x x
 Galaxy S 3 x  x  x
 Galaxy S 2 + NFC  x
Galaxy Nexus  x  x  x
Google Nexus S x
Sagem Cosy phone
Sony Xperia SP x
 Sony Xperia Z  x x  x
Sony Xperia TX x
Sony Xperia Sola x
 Sony Xperia P  x
 Sony Xperia S  x  x
 Optus  Telstra Vodafone

Xiaomi Mi 3 16GB SIM Free / Unlocked (Black) at valuebasket. Get an additional $6 off all order values of $270 or more + FREE SHIPPING and 36 month warranty. Promo code: LSAUSEP14 . Expires: Sept. 30th, click image.

Other nfc enabled phones available in Australie (I didn’t see at carrier website);
LG; optimus G, Optimus 4x HD, LG Nexus 4, LG optimus VU, LG optimus L5, L7, L9,
BlackBerry; BlackBerry Porsche, Bold 9790, 9930, Q5 +nfc?
HTC; Amaze, Butterfly S
Huawei; Ascend Mate
Samsung; Gal.S3 mini, Gal.Ace 2, Gal.mini 2, Samsung Ativ S, S2, S2+
Sony;  Xperia ion, Xperia V, Sony Acro S, Xperia M, Xperia ZR, Xperia L
Nokia; Lumia 620, Nokia 603, Nokia 808 pureview, N9
Asus; padfone 2,
Motorola; Razr i, Moto X
Panasonic; Eluga,
Soon; Optimus G pro,

NFC news in Australia

Future Australian NFC news will be added here.

Feb.’13; Coles announced a trial with 60 nfc enabled smartphones, all Samsung Galaxy S3 android phones. 60 Coles Mastercard cardholders will be able to use their smartphone to make contactless payments instead of using their physical card.
Users first download the “Coles MasterCard Mobile Wallet” app. To earn Flybuys points as they pay, Users have to link the Flybuys loyalty card account to the app,
Coles Mobile Wallet app can be used in all stores worldwide that offer the MasterCard Paypass contactless payment system!
The trial will run three months. The app could be available within 12 months (in 2013 ?).

June ’12; JB Hi-Fi is one of the first retailers to get onboard with MasterCard’s PayPass Services.

March ’12; Samsung Galaxy S2 4G NFC enabled Phone at Telstra from March 26e. Telstra’s second handset to support the LTE network.
+ NFC, + larger 4,5″ screen, + faster 1,5 Ghz dual core processor, + bigger battery
This Galaxy S2 runs Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 and will be upgradable to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich later.

Starting early 2012, Coles will upgrade its Ingenico payment terminals to support contactless (NFC) credit and debit-card payments. Coles announced that the supermarket would test the readers in some stores in February, before completing the roll-out by July. Coles works with Visa paywave NFC contactless payment system.
A spokesman for Coles Group said the roll-out would be limited to the 750 strong supermarket chain at this stage. The Coles Group of stores includes the supermarket chain, 700 Coles Express branded Shell service stations, and its Liquorland and Vintage Cellars liquor brands outlets.
The payments terminals would process contactless payments from MasterCard, Visa and all major card issuers.

It’s understood that MasterCard has about seven million PayPass cards in the Australian market. Visa has declined to reveal how many PayWave contactless payments cards it has issued in Australia.(petrolplaza.com)

Coles assures customers that they are protected against potential misuse of their cards under the Visa “Zero Liability” policy.

Update aug.’12; Coles has completed the rollout that will allow customers to make sub-$100 payments with nfc enabled credit cards. More than 14,000 nfc enabled MasterCard terminals in about 750 stores across Australia, receiving contactless payments.
MasterCard has installed more than 100,000 terminals in Australia, 14 per cent of the population uses nfc enabled cards at the moment.
These terminals work with MasterCard PayPass and Visa Paywave cards, also with CommBank’s Kaching and Westpac’s apps.

Other retailers having NFC enabled terminals or have announced NFC support; Bunnings Warehouse, Caltex, Costco, Hungry Jacks and Woolworths.
At the moment no more details about numbers, dates or progress.

Most info is about nfc enabled credit-cards. But I read, customers with the CommBank’s Kaching and Westpac’s apps on their NFC enabled mobile phones , can pay at the 100.000 nfc enabled Mastercard Paypass terminals.

Nokia Lumia 1020 SIM Free / Unlocked (Black) at valuebasket. Get an additional $6 off all order values of $270 or more + FREE SHIPPING and 36 month warranty. Promo code: LSAUSEP14 . Expires: Sept. 30 th, click image.

Vodafone and Visa announced contactless payments with NFC phones in 2013 in Australia.

Vodafone NFC SmartPass app Visa contactless payments Australia
Nov.’12; Vodafone SmartPass; a smartphone app (Android and …?) launching in 2013 across the world through Vodafone; which will enable consumers to pay for goods and services with a tap of a supported smartphone with nfc chip. Like a Visa payWave card; Vodafone SmartPass uses contactless, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.
Getting started;
1 – Pick-up an NFC-SIM from Vodafone
2 – Download the Vodafone SmartPass app to an NFC-smartphone.
3 – Register for a ‘virtual’ Visa reloadable prepaid card using the Vodafone SmartPass app.
4 – Pre-load funds from your existing Visa or MasterCard payment card.

“NFC technology has the capability to address some of the pain-points of modern commerce; such as tracking and getting more mileage out of loyalty schemes, or taking advantage of retail offers which currently come to us in various forms, making it difficult for us to use. Put simply, enhancements in smartphone technology will not only deliver us with a smarter way to shop, but will also make life a whole lot easier, saving us time and possibly even money,” (Vodafone)
Vodafone will bolster its NFC smartphone range, with more choice on the way for customers in 2013 and beyond. “We want to ensure our customers are first in line to benefit from this new wave of mobile payments technology. As of 2013, 80% of smartphones sold on contract Vodafone will have NFC technology.”
Source; Vodafone media release

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