Android Beam presented

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Android Beam presented.

The new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System was presented today by Google and Samsung  together with the Galaxy nexus.
The Galaxy Nexus is the first Phone with Android 4.0.

Android 4.0 will be released in November, but the SDK is available now for developers. Lets start building apps.
No details yet of exactly how 4.0 will roll out to other Phones and tablets (yes, also for tablets).

Why this news on NFC-Phones.org . .  because of the smart face-unlock? ;-)

Android 4.0 supports NFC, and the Galaxy Nexus comes with Android Beam.
Tap two Android 4 Phones together and Beam “pretty much any content”  from one to the other.
The Galaxy Nexus comes with an app that enables NFC sharing capability.
Well, we know a bit about NFC, nothing new! In Android app market, some of those hundreds of NFC apps must be for sharing capabilities?

You read my NFC Phones buying guide?
At the end I wrote; I think we see more and more pre-installed NFC applications.

Nokia was first, pairing, sharing and tags enabled on their new NFC Phones 600, 603, 700 and 701.

RIM also already announced the BlackBerry tag app, for sharing.

So, the news is; Pre-installed NFC app with some basic capabilities to bring NFC to mass market.

Unspectacular? O.k., it’s a small step, but important for deployment of NFC.
I predict, this is a trend.

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