august ’12, first 5 NFC enabled mobile phones approved for ISIS mobile wallet

5 NFC enabled handsets approved for ISIS mobile wallet.

An overview from Mastercard, shows 5 nfc enabled smartphones approved for ISIS mobile virtual wallet.
Also information about the carrier;

HTC one X – AT&T
HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE – Verizon
HTC Amaze 4G – T-Mobile
Samsung Galaxy S3 – AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon
Samsung Galaxy S2 / SGH-T989 – T-Mobile

I’m NOT saying, these are the phones participating in the ISIS trial.
Just, Mastercard says these handsets are approved for ISIS.
VISA does not provide info about wallet or carrier in their overview with approved devices.
See the certified phones page for the tables from VISA and Mastercard with all (worldwide) approved handsets.

And when does it start?
“Isis Ready™ phones are coming this Summer” in Salt Lake City and Austin.
No more official information on the ISIS website yet.

ISIS ready phones use the Single Wire Protocol (SWP) to communicate with the Secure Element on the SIM card.
All mobile phones approved for Google wallet have an embedded Secure Element in the handset.
The Samsung Galaxy S 3 is approved for both wallets!

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